Cryptbeam – the weblog of “Chromeder” (my alias name). Here, I employ statistical analysis and pair it with additional evaluation methods to draw new conclusions in prospected as well as unexplored fields. My main area of focus is NBA basketball, although I may expand into more topics of interest. Although I describe this site as a center for data and statistics, I always use a balance of numerical and visual concepts in my work.

My work in NBA analysis started in May of 2019 when I started writing on the Discuss TheGame sports platform. I ended up sportswriting in frequency and even created a number of statistics. My latest articles, which date back to the middle of 2019, can be found here. My profile at Hardwood Amino also has older and newer articles of mine. This blog is one of my initial efforts to “branch out” into the sports analysis world. I also plan on uploading podcasts and videos, the profiles of which can be found on Anchor and  YouTube, respectively. Thanks for clicking on the site, and I hope you enjoy it!