Which is More Important in Scoring: Efficiency or Volume?

The “efficiency versus volume” conversation is a classic today, but very few attempts have been made to provide a clear answer. Most recently, Backpicks developed its “Scoring Value” metric (abbreviated “ScoreVal”) to presumably estimate the net impact of a player’s scoring every 100 possessions. The stat alone was a success, but a more definitive solution to the “efficiency versus volume” argument was still blurry. Today, I’ll give my best attempt at settling the historic debate to determine the more important aspect of scoring between efficiency and volume.

A way to go at this is at the team level: plotting the relationship between points per game (as volume neglects attempts/”pace”) and true shooting percentage. We’d use TS% in place of, say, points per possession (the truer measure of offensive efficiency) because we’d need to use the latter as the response variable; otherwise, efficiency correlation would be perfect! Using 2020 values, points per game holds a correlation coefficient of 0.78 and true shooting holds one of 0.75. The difference is very close, and given the sample size, it’s not enough to draw a conclusion. Plus, 2020 has about as many confounding variables as any other season (COVID-19, stoppage, no access to courts at times). Paired with the concerns of the chosen variables, it’s likely that the team level won’t settle the discussion. 

The next way to approach a conclusion is on the player level. Between scoring rate in points per possession and true shooting percentage, which holds a stronger correlation with how “productive” a player is as a scorer? This is a question long thought of without a widespread solution. To answer this, I developed a statistical model that measures the number of net points a player adds through scoring, which I’ll name “Scorer Rating” (I’m open to name suggestions).

Can a player’s scoring impact on the scoreboard be summed up in a single number?

Points per possession at the team level epitomizes scoring efficiency because it redefines “scoring attempts.” TS% uses shooting attempts as the divisor, but in reality, shooting attempts aren’t the only chances a player or team is given to score. If a player commits a turnover, his team will be credited with a “scoring attempt” on that possession; because, although they weren’t given a chance to shoot, they had a chance to score that was blown. Therefore, we want to use a new measure of “scoring attempts” for players in a similar manner. To do this, I borrowed a technique from ScoreVal, which classifies turnovers as either playmaking or scoring turnovers. The model designates these turnovers based on the percentages of a player’s “offensive load” (involvement) that come from playmaking and scoring. However, this estimator provides imperfect measures when there are equitable alternatives. I used an idea discussed in the metric’s inaugural post, which designates all turnovers not committed by bad passes (per Basketball-Reference‘s play-by-play data) as “scoring turnovers.”

With a measurement of how many turnovers negated the value of a scoring possession, I could now replicate a truer scoring efficiency on the player level. For example, in his historical 2016 campaign, Stephen Curry averaged 1.34 points per true shooting attempt. Add in his non-bad pass turnovers, 95, to the divisor, and he averaged 1.27 points per “scoring possession.” This means on possessions in which Curry attempted to score, the Golden State Warriors had an offensive rating of 127; that would be a +21 rORtg! The next step is to set a player’s new efficiency relative to the league-average. Curry’s 1.27 points per scoring possession compared to the average of that season, 1.04, means he added 0.267 points per possession relative to the league. From there, it’s a measure of how often a player attempts to score per game, normalized to 100 possessions per 48 minutes. For example, Curry accounted for 23.7 scoring possessions per game in 2016, but his team played at a 99.3 pace, so his attempts receive a slight boost.

The raw number of net points Curry provided through scoring was the product of his efficiency and attempt frequency, which clocked in at 6.4 points, by far the highest mark in the NBA that year. After all, he led the league in volume and efficiency that year! However, the league-average was slightly higher than zero, around 0.1 points. Therefore, Curry added 6.2 points above the league’s average that season. The last confounding variable was playing time. Rakeem Christmas, the most notable example, had a Scorer Rating of 1.9 points, which ranked in the top-10, despite having only played six minutes the whole year. The last adjustment was using the binary logarithm of a player’s total minutes played as the “x” in an augmented sigmoid function to regularize abnormally high scores from limited playing time. Christmas’s “adjusted” Scorer Rating was then 0.6 points. 

Listed below are all player-seasons for Scorer Rating since 2016.

Stephen Curry2016GSW6.2
Stephen Curry2018GSW4.9
Kevin Durant2016OKC4.2
Kevin Durant2017GSW4.1
Damian Lillard2020POR3.8
Isaiah Thomas2017BOS3.7
Stephen Curry2019GSW3.7
Kevin Durant2018GSW3.5
Stephen Curry2017GSW3.3
James Harden2018HOU3.2
James Harden2019HOU3.2
Kawhi Leonard2016SAS3
Kevin Durant2019GSW3
J.J. Redick2016LAC2.9
Karl-Anthony Towns2018MIN2.9
LeBron James2018CLE2.9
John Collins2020ATL2.9
James Harden2016HOU2.8
Kawhi Leonard2017SAS2.8
James Harden2020HOU2.8
LeBron James2017CLE2.7
Kyle Lowry2017TOR2.7
Anthony Davis2018NOP2.7
Karl-Anthony Towns2020MIN2.7
Klay Thompson2016GSW2.6
Karl-Anthony Towns2017MIN2.6
Kyrie Irving2018BOS2.6
Danilo Gallinari2019LAC2.6
JaKarr Sampson2019CHI2.6
MarShon Brooks2018MEM2.5
LeBron James2016CLE2.4
James Harden2017HOU2.4
Bradley Beal2017WAS2.4
Damian Lillard2018POR2.4
Duncan Robinson2020MIA2.4
Danilo Gallinari2017DEN2.3
Damian Lillard2017POR2.3
Giannis Antetokounmpo2019MIL2.3
Rudy Gobert2019UTA2.3
Clint Capela2019HOU2.2
Kawhi Leonard2019TOR2.2
Mike Conley2017MEM2.1
Otto Porter2017WAS2.1
Rudy Gobert2017UTA2.1
Rudy Gobert2020UTA2.1
Anthony Davis2020LAL2.1
Mitchell Robinson2020NYK2.1
Klay Thompson2017GSW2
Nikola Jokić2017DEN2
Gordon Hayward2017UTA2
DeAndre Jordan2017LAC2
Chris Paul2017LAC2
Damian Lillard2019POR2
Dāvis Bertāns2020WAS2
Devin Booker2020PHO2
J.J. Redick2020NOP2
J.J. Redick2018PHI1.9
Jimmy Butler2018MIN1.9
Kevin Love2018CLE1.9
R.J. Hunter2019BOS1.9
Kyrie Irving2020BRK1.9
Jimmy Butler2017CHI1.8
George Hill2017UTA1.8
Andre Ingram2018LAL1.8
Klay Thompson2018GSW1.8
Jonathan Gibson2018BOS1.8
Clint Capela2018HOU1.8
Dwight Powell2019DAL1.8
Anthony Davis2019NOP1.8
Montrezl Harrell2019LAC1.8
Khris Middleton2020MIL1.8
T.J. Warren2020IND1.8
Richaun Holmes2020SAC1.8
Danilo Gallinari2020OKC1.8
Danilo Gallinari2016DEN1.7
Jae Crowder2017BOS1.7
Gary Harris2017DEN1.7
Thomas Bryant2019WAS1.7
Karl-Anthony Towns2019MIN1.7
Joe Harris2019BRK1.7
Brandon Clarke2020MEM1.7
DeAndre Jordan2016LAC1.6
Kyle Lowry2016TOR1.6
Kyrie Irving2017CLE1.6
Chris Paul2018HOU1.6
Giannis Antetokounmpo2018MIL1.6
John Collins2019ATL1.6
Bojan Bogdanović2019IND1.6
LeBron James2019LAL1.6
Kyrie Irving2019BOS1.6
Pascal Siakam2019TOR1.6
J.J. Redick2019PHI1.6
Christian Wood2020DET1.6
Thomas Bryant2020WAS1.6
Seth Curry2020DAL1.6
Damian Lillard2016POR1.5
Chris Paul2016LAC1.5
Chris Bosh2016MIA1.5
CJ McCollum2017POR1.5
Lou Williams2017TOT1.5
Montrezl Harrell2017HOU1.5
Otto Porter2018WAS1.5
Anthony Tolliver2018DET1.5
Montrezl Harrell2018LAC1.5
Malcolm Brogdon2019MIL1.5
Trae Young2020ATL1.5
Chris Paul2020OKC1.5
Keldon Johnson2020SAS1.5
Lou Williams2016LAL1.4
Kyle Korver2017TOT1.4
Paul George2017IND1.4
Clint Capela2017HOU1.4
J.J. Redick2017LAC1.4
DeAndre Jordan2018LAC1.4
Kyle Korver2018CLE1.4
Kyle Lowry2018TOR1.4
Reggie Bullock2018DET1.4
Rudy Gobert2018UTA1.4
Gary Harris2018DEN1.4
Paul George2019OKC1.4
Norman Powell2020TOR1.4
Zion Williamson2020NOP1.4
Hassan Whiteside2020POR1.4
Dwight Powell2020DAL1.4
Hassan Whiteside2016MIA1.3
Karl-Anthony Towns2016MIN1.3
Jimmy Butler2016CHI1.3
Enes Kanter2016OKC1.3
Anthony Davis2017NOP1.3
Tyson Chandler2017PHO1.3
Joe Harris2018BRK1.3
Dwight Powell2018DAL1.3
Lou Williams2018LAC1.3
Joe Ingles2018UTA1.3
Kemba Walker2018CHO1.3
Darren Collison2018IND1.3
Mitchell Robinson2019NYK1.3
Jarrett Allen2020BRK1.3
Giannis Antetokounmpo2020MIL1.3
Nikola Jokić2020DEN1.3
George Hill2020MIL1.3
Eric Mika2020SAC1.3
Chandler Parsons2016DAL1.2
Dirk Nowitzki2016DAL1.2
Evan Fournier2016ORL1.2
Darren Collison2016SAC1.2
Giannis Antetokounmpo2017MIL1.2
Seth Curry2017DAL1.2
Enes Kanter2018NYK1.2
Bojan Bogdanović2018IND1.2
Danny Green2019TOR1.2
DeAndre Jordan2019TOT1.2
Bradley Beal2019WAS1.2
Buddy Hield2019SAC1.2
Bojan Bogdanović2020UTA1.2
Nerlens Noel2020OKC1.2
Kawhi Leonard2020LAC1.2
DeAndre Jordan2020BRK1.2
DeMar DeRozan2020SAS1.2
Marvin Williams2016CHO1.1
Carl Landry2016PHI1.1
LaMarcus Aldridge2016SAS1.1
C.J. Miles2017IND1.1
Nick Young2017LAL1.1
Kemba Walker2017CHO1.1
Adreian Payne2018ORL1.1
Tobias Harris2019TOT1.1
Danuel House2019HOU1.1
Derrick Favors2019UTA1.1
D.J. Augustin2019ORL1.1
Kenneth Faried2019TOT1.1
Kevin Love2020CLE1.1
Doug McDermott2020IND1.1
Montrezl Harrell2020LAC1.1
Rodney Hood2020POR1.1
Jimmy Butler2020MIA1.1
Luka Dončić2020DAL1.1
Jaxson Hayes2020NOP1.1
Jonas Valančiūnas2016TOR1
Anthony Davis2016NOP1
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2016CHO1
Brandan Wright2016MEM1
Kemba Walker2016CHO1
Omri Casspi2016SAC1
Archie Goodwin2017TOT1
Andre Iguodala2017GSW1
Jordan Crawford2017NOP1
Jonas Valančiūnas2018TOR1
Steven Adams2018OKC1
LaMarcus Aldridge2018SAS1
Nikola Jokić2018DEN1
Jeremy Lin2018BRK1
Nikola Mirotić2018TOT1
Wade Baldwin2018POR1
Taj Gibson2018MIN1
Khris Middleton2018MIL1
Dāvis Bertāns2019SAS1
Jonas Valančiūnas2019TOT1
Mike Conley2019MEM1
Nikola Mirotić2019TOT1
JaVale McGee2019LAL1
Richaun Holmes2019PHO1
Jodie Meeks2019TOR1
Jonas Valančiūnas2020MEM1
Ben McLemore2020HOU1
Paul George2020LAC1
Clint Capela2020HOU1
Joe Harris2020BRK1
Jae Crowder2016BOS0.9
Al Horford2016ATL0.9
Isaiah Thomas2016BOS0.9
Boban Marjanović2016SAS0.9
Allen Crabbe2017POR0.9
Brandan Wright2017MEM0.9
Zach LaVine2017MIN0.9
Channing Frye2017CLE0.9
Ryan Anderson2017HOU0.9
Wayne Ellington2018MIA0.9
Jamil Wilson2018LAC0.9
Mirza Teletović2018MIL0.9
Kawhi Leonard2018SAS0.9
Jarrett Allen2019BRK0.9
Malik Beasley2019DEN0.9
T.J. Warren2019PHO0.9
Landry Shamet2019TOT0.9
Dwight Howard2019WAS0.9
Al Horford2019BOS0.9
Devin Booker2019PHO0.9
Klay Thompson2019GSW0.9
Domantas Sabonis2019IND0.9
Evan Fournier2020ORL0.9
Garrison Mathews2020WAS0.9
Daniel Theis2020BOS0.9
Bradley Beal2020WAS0.9
Tim Hardaway Jr.2020DAL0.9
Robert Williams2020BOS0.9
Damian Jones2020ATL0.9
Gordon Hayward2020BOS0.9
Ivica Zubac2020LAC0.9
Kyle Lowry2020TOR0.9
Jared Dudley2016WAS0.8
Marcin Gortat2016WAS0.8
Brandon Bass2016LAL0.8
Draymond Green2016GSW0.8
Troy Daniels2016CHO0.8
Mirza Teletović2016PHO0.8
Blake Griffin2017LAC0.8
Josh Huestis2017OKC0.8
Tony Snell2017MIL0.8
Myles Turner2017IND0.8
Marvin Williams2018CHO0.8
Dirk Nowitzki2018DAL0.8
Ante Žižić2018CLE0.8
Darius Miller2018NOP0.8
D.J. Augustin2018ORL0.8
Damian Jones2019GSW0.8
Jerami Grant2019OKC0.8
Deandre Ayton2019PHO0.8
Brook Lopez2019MIL0.8
Jeff Green2019WAS0.8
Joel Embiid2019PHI0.8
Doug McDermott2019IND0.8
Patty Mills2020SAS0.8
Mikal Bridges2020PHO0.8
Luke Kennard2020DET0.8
Derrick Jones Jr.2020MIA0.8
Larry Nance Jr.2020CLE0.8
Shake Milton2020PHI0.8
Tristan Thompson2016CLE0.7
Khris Middleton2016MIL0.7
Sean Kilpatrick2016TOT0.7
Eric Gordon2016NOP0.7
Paul George2016IND0.7
Seth Curry2016SAC0.7
Steven Adams2016OKC0.7
Michael Beasley2016HOU0.7
Harrison Barnes2016GSW0.7
Kevin Love2017CLE0.7
Pau Gasol2017SAS0.7
Richaun Holmes2017PHI0.7
Nerlens Noel2017TOT0.7
Tim Hardaway Jr.2017ATL0.7
Evan Fournier2018ORL0.7
David Stockton2018UTA0.7
Marco Belinelli2018TOT0.7
Paul George2018OKC0.7
Tobias Harris2018TOT0.7
Malcolm Brogdon2018MIL0.7
Trey Lyles2018DEN0.7
Eric Bledsoe2018TOT0.7
E’Twaun Moore2018NOP0.7
Larry Nance Jr.2018TOT0.7
Monte Morris2018DEN0.7
Josh Hart2018LAL0.7
Victor Oladipo2018IND0.7
John Collins2018ATL0.7
Willie Reed2018TOT0.7
Jerami Grant2018OKC0.7
Boban Marjanović2019TOT0.7
Meyers Leonard2019POR0.7
Devin Robinson2019WAS0.7
Nikola Jokić2019DEN0.7
Jimmy Butler2019TOT0.7
Langston Galloway2020DET0.7
Dwight Howard2020LAL0.7
Michael Porter Jr.2020DEN0.7
LeBron James2020LAL0.7
Derrick Favors2020NOP0.7
Grayson Allen2020MEM0.7
Tony Snell2020DET0.7
Allen Crabbe2016POR0.6
Kyle Korver2016ATL0.6
James Ennis2016TOT0.6
Quincy Acy2016SAC0.6
Manu Ginóbili2016SAS0.6
Otto Porter2016WAS0.6
Kevin Love2016CLE0.6
DeMar DeRozan2016TOR0.6
Ian Mahinmi2016IND0.6
Rakeem Christmas2016IND0.6
JaVale McGee2017GSW0.6
Cody Zeller2017CHO0.6
Tobias Harris2017DET0.6
Brandon Bass2017LAC0.6
David Lee2017SAS0.6
Dwight Howard2017ATL0.6
Wayne Ellington2017MIA0.6
Jonas Valančiūnas2017TOR0.6
Goran Dragić2017MIA0.6
Bojan Bogdanović2017TOT0.6
Darren Collison2017SAC0.6
Patty Mills2017SAS0.6
Jarrett Allen2018BRK0.6
Eric Gordon2018HOU0.6
Jrue Holiday2018NOP0.6
Ryan Anderson2018HOU0.6
Tomáš Satoranský2018WAS0.6
Jakob Poeltl2018TOR0.6
Jayson Tatum2018BOS0.6
Thabo Sefolosha2018UTA0.6
Derrick Favors2018UTA0.6
Omri Casspi2018GSW0.6
Jamal Murray2018DEN0.6
JaVale McGee2018GSW0.6
Quinn Cook2018GSW0.6
Tyreke Evans2018MEM0.6
Bryn Forbes2019SAS0.6
Taj Gibson2019MIN0.6
Monte Morris2019DEN0.6
Blake Griffin2019DET0.6
Marcus Derrickson2019GSW0.6
Julius Randle2019NOP0.6
Jakob Poeltl2019SAS0.6
Rudy Gay2019SAS0.6
Khem Birch2019ORL0.6
Deyonta Davis2019ATL0.6
Cameron Payne2020PHO0.6
Matt Thomas2020TOR0.6
Jerami Grant2020DEN0.6
JaVale McGee2020LAL0.6
Daniel Gafford2020CHI0.6
Gary Trent Jr.2020POR0.6
Cheick Diallo2020PHO0.6
Tony Bradley2020UTA0.6
Derrick White2020SAS0.6
Kemba Walker2020BOS0.6
Sindarius Thornwell2020NOP0.6
Russell Westbrook2016OKC0.5
Kenneth Faried2016DEN0.5
Dwight Howard2016HOU0.5
Nikola Jokić2016DEN0.5
Jerryd Bayless2016MIL0.5
Ed Davis2016POR0.5
Brook Lopez2016BRK0.5
Greg Monroe2016MIL0.5
José Calderón2016NYK0.5
Eric Bledsoe2016PHO0.5
Tobias Harris2016TOT0.5
Andrew Bogut2016GSW0.5
J.R. Smith2016CLE0.5
Doug McDermott2016CHI0.5
Cody Zeller2016CHO0.5
Gordon Hayward2016UTA0.5
Trevor Ariza2016HOU0.5
Enes Kanter2017OKC0.5
David Nwaba2017LAL0.5
Jabari Parker2017MIL0.5
JaMychal Green2017MEM0.5
Edy Tavares2017TOT0.5
Khris Middleton2017MIL0.5
Dante Cunningham2017NOP0.5
Brook Lopez2017BRK0.5
Amir Johnson2017BOS0.5
Anthony Tolliver2017SAC0.5
Dwight Powell2017DAL0.5
José Calderón2018CLE0.5
Bradley Beal2018WAS0.5
Tyson Chandler2018PHO0.5
Gerald Green2018HOU0.5
Dario Šarić2018PHI0.5
Alex Len2018PHO0.5
Courtney Lee2018NYK0.5
Deyonta Davis2018MEM0.5
Trey Burke2018NYK0.5
Troy Daniels2018PHO0.5
Dāvis Bertāns2018SAS0.5
Trevor Ariza2018HOU0.5
Terrence Ross2019ORL0.5
Nikola Vučević2019ORL0.5
Dewayne Dedmon2019ATL0.5
Kevon Looney2019GSW0.5
Spencer Dinwiddie2019BRK0.5
Cody Zeller2019CHO0.5
Seth Curry2019POR0.5
Scott Machado2019LAL0.5
Miles Plumlee2019ATL0.5
Wayne Ellington2019TOT0.5
Maxi Kleber2020DAL0.5
David Nwaba2020BRK0.5
Nemanja Bjelica2020SAC0.5
John Konchar2020MEM0.5
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2020LAL0.5
Kyle Korver2020MIL0.5
Isaiah Hartenstein2020HOU0.5
Dorian Finney-Smith2020DAL0.5
OG Anunoby2020TOR0.5
Cameron Johnson2020PHO0.5
Brandon Ingram2020NOP0.5
Allonzo Trier2020NYK0.5
Glenn Robinson III2020TOT0.5
Ben Simmons2020PHI0.5
Jaren Jackson Jr.2020MEM0.5
Willie Cauley-Stein2016SAC0.4
Gary Harris2016DEN0.4
Matt Bonner2016SAS0.4
Tyler Johnson2016MIA0.4
Mike Conley2016MEM0.4
Channing Frye2016TOT0.4
Amir Johnson2016BOS0.4
T.J. Warren2016PHO0.4
Terrence Ross2016TOR0.4
David West2016SAS0.4
Gary Neal2016WAS0.4
Steve Novak2016TOT0.4
Ryan Anderson2016NOP0.4
Ramon Sessions2016WAS0.4
Miles Plumlee2016MIL0.4
Patrick Beverley2016HOU0.4
George Hill2016IND0.4
Derrick Favors2016UTA0.4
Richard Jefferson2016CLE0.4
Marco Belinelli2017CHO0.4
Marreese Speights2017LAC0.4
DeMar DeRozan2017TOR0.4
Kenneth Faried2017DEN0.4
Boban Marjanović2017DET0.4
Lucas Nogueira2017TOR0.4
Dewayne Dedmon2017SAS0.4
Courtney Lee2017NYK0.4
Jeff Teague2017IND0.4
James Jones2017CLE0.4
Joe Ingles2017UTA0.4
Kelly Olynyk2017BOS0.4
Mike Muscala2017ATL0.4
Derrick Jones Jr.2017PHO0.4
Tony Snell2018MIL0.4
Kelly Olynyk2018MIA0.4
Jeff Green2018CLE0.4
Meyers Leonard2018POR0.4
Jordan Bell2018GSW0.4
Brandan Wright2018TOT0.4
Mike Scott2018WAS0.4
Dewayne Dedmon2018ATL0.4
Mike Muscala2018ATL0.4
Channing Frye2018TOT0.4
Anthony Brown2018MIN0.4
Jonas Jerebko2018UTA0.4
James Ennis2018TOT0.4
Kyle O’Quinn2018NYK0.4
Julius Randle2018LAL0.4
David West2018GSW0.4
Derrick White2018SAS0.4
Norman Powell2019TOR0.4
Kemba Walker2019CHO0.4
Kelly Olynyk2019MIA0.4
Cheick Diallo2019NOP0.4
Eric Bledsoe2019MIL0.4
Daniel Theis2019BOS0.4
Jake Layman2019POR0.4
Christian Wood2019TOT0.4
Kyle Korver2019TOT0.4
Omri Casspi2019MEM0.4
Otto Porter2019TOT0.4
Tyler Zeller2019TOT0.4
Luol Deng2019MIN0.4
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2019LAL0.4
Tony Snell2019MIL0.4
Demetrius Jackson2019PHI0.4
LaMarcus Aldridge2019SAS0.4
Tomáš Satoranský2019WAS0.4
Malcolm Miller2019TOR0.4
Nicolas Batum2019CHO0.4
Ryan Broekhoff2019DAL0.4
Jordan Sibert2019ATL0.4
Meyers Leonard2020MIA0.4
Kelly Olynyk2020MIA0.4
Drew Eubanks2020SAS0.4
Justin Holiday2020IND0.4
Courtney Lee2020DAL0.4
Jaylen Brown2020BOS0.4
Harrison Barnes2020SAC0.4
Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot2020BRK0.4
Dennis Schröder2020OKC0.4
Donta Hall2020TOT0.4
Landry Shamet2020LAC0.4
Dean Wade2020CLE0.4
Ersan İlyasova2020MIL0.4
Boban Marjanović2020DAL0.4
Tacko Fall2020BOS0.4
Dario Šarić2020PHO0.4
Dusty Hannahs2020MEM0.4
Montrezl Harrell2016HOU0.3
Mike Scott2016ATL0.3
Tim Hardaway Jr.2016ATL0.3
Luol Deng2016MIA0.3
C.J. Miles2016IND0.3
Devin Harris2016DAL0.3
Shaun Livingston2016GSW0.3
Chris Andersen2016TOT0.3
D.J. Augustin2016TOT0.3
Josh Richardson2016MIA0.3
Tyson Chandler2016PHO0.3
Gorgui Dieng2016MIN0.3
Nikola Mirotić2016CHI0.3
James Jones2016CLE0.3
Avery Bradley2016BOS0.3
Giannis Antetokounmpo2016MIL0.3
Justin Harper2016DET0.3
Thanasis Antetokounmpo2016NYK0.3
Marcin Gortat2017WAS0.3
Serge Ibaka2017TOT0.3
Russell Westbrook2017OKC0.3
Dāvis Bertāns2017SAS0.3
Demetrius Jackson2017BOS0.3
Jodie Meeks2017ORL0.3
Jason Terry2017MIL0.3
Tristan Thompson2017CLE0.3
Shawn Long2017PHI0.3
Marcus Georges-Hunt2017ORL0.3
Jeremy Lamb2017CHO0.3
Ian Clark2017GSW0.3
Shabazz Muhammad2017MIN0.3
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2018LAL0.3
Rodney McGruder2018MIA0.3
Al Horford2018BOS0.3
Maurice Harkless2018POR0.3
George Hill2018TOT0.3
Allen Crabbe2018BRK0.3
Richaun Holmes2018PHI0.3
Kyle Anderson2018SAS0.3
Maxi Kleber2018DAL0.3
Cody Zeller2018CHO0.3
Jameel Warney2018DAL0.3
Doug McDermott2018TOT0.3
Lucas Nogueira2018TOR0.3
Amile Jefferson2019ORL0.3
Patty Mills2019SAS0.3
Georges Niang2019UTA0.3
Alan Williams2019BRK0.3
Robert Covington2019TOT0.3
Robert Williams2019BOS0.3
Steven Adams2019OKC0.3
James Ennis2019TOT0.3
Andre Iguodala2019GSW0.3
Isaiah Hicks2019NYK0.3
Jonas Jerebko2019GSW0.3
Zach LaVine2019CHI0.3
Darren Collison2019IND0.3
Gary Payton II2019WAS0.3
Dwayne Bacon2019CHO0.3
Taurean Prince2019ATL0.3
Chris Paul2019HOU0.3
Ryan Arcidiacono2019CHI0.3
Ekpe Udoh2019UTA0.3
Furkan Korkmaz2020PHI0.3
Alec Burks2020TOT0.3
Chris Boucher2020TOR0.3
Jordan Clarkson2020TOT0.3
Danuel House2020HOU0.3
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk2020DET0.3
Steven Adams2020OKC0.3
Jordan McLaughlin2020MIN0.3
Georges Niang2020UTA0.3
Caleb Martin2020CHO0.3
Johnathan Motley2020LAC0.3
Mfiondu Kabengele2020LAC0.3
Mason Plumlee2020DEN0.3
Joe Ingles2020UTA0.3
Jakob Poeltl2020SAS0.3
Cristiano Felício2020CHI0.3
Trevor Ariza2020TOT0.3
JaKarr Sampson2020IND0.3
Shamorie Ponds2020TOR0.3
Jalen McDaniels2020CHO0.3
Bam Adebayo2020MIA0.3
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander2020OKC0.3
CJ McCollum2016POR0.2
Cole Aldrich2016LAC0.2
Shabazz Muhammad2016MIN0.2
Andre Miller2016TOT0.2
Andre Iguodala2016GSW0.2
Dewayne Dedmon2016ORL0.2
Blake Griffin2016LAC0.2
Courtney Lee2016TOT0.2
Derrick Williams2016NYK0.2
Jon Leuer2016PHO0.2
Thabo Sefolosha2016ATL0.2
Jorge Gutiérrez2016CHO0.2
Jeremy Evans2016DAL0.2
Mario Chalmers2016TOT0.2
Willie Reed2016BRK0.2
Salah Mejri2016DAL0.2
Reggie Bullock2016DET0.2
Boris Diaw2016SAS0.2
Mike Dunleavy2016CHI0.2
Andrew Nicholson2016ORL0.2
Jonathon Simmons2016SAS0.2
Anthony Morrow2016OKC0.2
E’Twaun Moore2016CHI0.2
Andre Roberson2016OKC0.2
Joffrey Lauvergne2016DEN0.2
Paul Millsap2016ATL0.2
Coty Clarke2016BOS0.2
Axel Toupane2017TOT0.2
Avery Bradley2017BOS0.2
Spencer Dinwiddie2017BRK0.2
Luc Mbah a Moute2017LAC0.2
Chasson Randle2017TOT0.2
Terrence Ross2017TOT0.2
Michael Beasley2017MIL0.2
Darrell Arthur2017DEN0.2
Chinanu Onuaku2017HOU0.2
Pat Connaughton2017POR0.2
Quinn Cook2017TOT0.2
Cristiano Felício2017CHI0.2
Marvin Williams2017CHO0.2
Jeremy Lin2017BRK0.2
Eric Gordon2017HOU0.2
Eric Bledsoe2017PHO0.2
Mike Dunleavy2017TOT0.2
Jared Dudley2017PHO0.2
Jon Leuer2017DET0.2
Thaddeus Young2017IND0.2
DeMar DeRozan2018TOR0.2
Jeremy Lamb2018CHO0.2
Okaro White2018MIA0.2
OG Anunoby2018TOR0.2
Cheick Diallo2018NOP0.2
Luke Babbitt2018TOT0.2
Tyler Zeller2018TOT0.2
Jeremy Evans2018ATL0.2
Serge Ibaka2018TOR0.2
Chandler Parsons2018MEM0.2
Devin Harris2018TOT0.2
Robert Covington2018PHI0.2
Nick Young2018GSW0.2
Danilo Gallinari2018LAC0.2
Daniel Theis2018BOS0.2
Delon Wright2018TOR0.2
Ivan Rabb2018MEM0.2
Malcolm Miller2018TOR0.2
JaKarr Sampson2018SAC0.2
Álex Abrines2018OKC0.2
Patty Mills2018SAS0.2
Ed Davis2019BRK0.2
CJ McCollum2019POR0.2
Bam Adebayo2019MIA0.2
Lou Williams2019LAC0.2
E’Twaun Moore2019NOP0.2
Jeremy Lamb2019CHO0.2
Joe Ingles2019UTA0.2
Maxi Kleber2019DAL0.2
Vince Carter2019ATL0.2
Nemanja Bjelica2019SAC0.2
JaMychal Green2019TOT0.2
Brad Wanamaker2019BOS0.2
Frank Kaminsky2019CHO0.2
Troy Caupain2019ORL0.2
Reggie Bullock2019TOT0.2
Derrick Rose2019MIN0.2
Pat Connaughton2019MIL0.2
Marcus Morris2019BOS0.2
Damion Lee2019GSW0.2
Enes Kanter2019TOT0.2
Jahlil Okafor2019NOP0.2
Trevon Duval2019MIL0.2
Marquese Chriss2020GSW0.2
Jahlil Okafor2020NOP0.2
Goran Dragić2020MIA0.2
Marvin Williams2020TOT0.2
Moritz Wagner2020WAS0.2
Marcus Morris2020TOT0.2
Joel Embiid2020PHI0.2
DaQuan Jeffries2020SAC0.2
Otto Porter2020CHI0.2
Jeff Green2020TOT0.2
LaMarcus Aldridge2020SAS0.2
Kelly Oubre Jr.2020PHO0.2
Bryn Forbes2020SAS0.2
Kostas Antetokounmpo2020LAL0.2
Jamal Crawford2020BRK0.2
Willie Cauley-Stein2020TOT0.2
Enes Kanter2020BOS0.2
Paul Millsap2020DEN0.2
Tyler Cook2020TOT0.2
Terence Davis2020TOR0.2
Patrick Patterson2020LAC0.2
Max Strus2020CHI0.2
Amar’e Stoudemire2016MIA0.1
Nemanja Bjelica2016MIN0.1
Patty Mills2016SAS0.1
Jason Terry2016HOU0.1
Rasual Butler2016SAS0.1
Brian Roberts2016TOT0.1
Rodney Hood2016UTA0.1
Joe Ingles2016UTA0.1
Bradley Beal2016WAS0.1
Lance Thomas2016NYK0.1
Anthony Tolliver2016DET0.1
Cristiano Felício2016CHI0.1
Meyers Leonard2016POR0.1
Richaun Holmes2016PHI0.1
Mike Muscala2016ATL0.1
John Henson2016MIL0.1
Jeff Withey2016UTA0.1
Timofey Mozgov2016CLE0.1
Kelly Olynyk2016BOS0.1
Tiago Splitter2016ATL0.1
Nicolas Batum2016CHO0.1
Ryan Hollins2016TOT0.1
Brandon Rush2016GSW0.1
Joel Anthony2016DET0.1
Dwight Powell2016DAL0.1
Trevor Ariza2017HOU0.1
Jason Smith2017WAS0.1
Hassan Whiteside2017MIA0.1
Jarnell Stokes2017DEN0.1
Larry Nance Jr.2017LAL0.1
Juan Hernangómez2017DEN0.1
Arron Afflalo2017SAC0.1
Doug McDermott2017TOT0.1
Willie Reed2017MIA0.1
Treveon Graham2017CHO0.1
Álex Abrines2017OKC0.1
Skal Labissière2017SAC0.1
Greg Monroe2017MIL0.1
Justin Holiday2017NYK0.1
James Ennis2017MEM0.1
Rudy Gay2017SAC0.1
Greg Monroe2018TOT0.1
Bogdan Bogdanović2018SAC0.1
Zaza Pachulia2018GSW0.1
John Henson2018MIL0.1
Tyler Johnson2018MIA0.1
Al Jefferson2018IND0.1
Salah Mejri2018DAL0.1
Willy Hernangómez2018TOT0.1
Alfonzo McKinnie2018TOR0.1
Lauri Markkanen2018CHI0.1
Nemanja Bjelica2018MIN0.1
Luc Mbah a Moute2018HOU0.1
Tyler Cavanaugh2018ATL0.1
Jahlil Okafor2018TOT0.1
Devin Booker2018PHO0.1
Jack Cooley2018SAC0.1
Reggie Hearn2018DET0.1
Edmond Sumner2018IND0.1
Naz Mitrou-Long2018UTA0.1
Tyus Jones2018MIN0.1
Will Barton2018DEN0.1
Jabari Bird2018BOS0.1
Kevon Looney2018GSW0.1
Nerlens Noel2019OKC0.1
Quinn Cook2019GSW0.1
Kyle Lowry2019TOR0.1
Jordan Loyd2019TOR0.1
Thaddeus Young2019IND0.1
Justin Jackson2019TOT0.1
Gordon Hayward2019BOS0.1
Dante Cunningham2019SAS0.1
Tahjere McCall2019BRK0.1
Quincy Pondexter2019SAS0.1
Luke Kennard2019DET0.1
Marco Belinelli2019SAS0.1
Cameron Reynolds2019MIN0.1
Willie Cauley-Stein2019SAC0.1
Thomas Welsh2019DEN0.1
Alex Caruso2019LAL0.1
Al-Farouq Aminu2019POR0.1
Mitch Creek2019TOT0.1
Myles Turner2019IND0.1
Jonah Bolden2019PHI0.1
Mason Plumlee2019DEN0.1
T.J. Leaf2019IND0.1
Kadeem Allen2019NYK0.1
Jaren Jackson Jr.2019MEM0.1
Anthony Tolliver2019MIN0.1
Serge Ibaka2019TOR0.1
Larry Nance Jr.2019CLE0.1
Juan Hernangómez2019DEN0.1
B.J. Johnson2019TOT0.1
Jrue Holiday2019NOP0.1
Marcus Smart2019BOS0.1
D’Angelo Russell2020TOT0.1
Derrick Walton2020TOT0.1
Isaac Bonga2020WAS0.1
Bogdan Bogdanović2020SAC0.1
Ryan Broekhoff2020DAL0.1
Abdel Nader2020OKC0.1
Taj Gibson2020NYK0.1
Mike Scott2020PHI0.1
Juwan Morgan2020UTA0.1
Alex Len2020TOT0.1
Jayson Tatum2020BOS0.1
Trey Lyles2020SAS0.1
Noah Vonleh2020TOT0.1
Aron Baynes2020PHO0.1
Rayjon Tucker2020UTA0.1
Gary Clark2020TOT0.1
KZ Okpala2020MIA0.1
David Lee2016TOT0
Kevon Looney2016GSW0
JaVale McGee2016DAL0
Festus Ezeli2016GSW0
Toney Douglas2016NOP0
Lucas Nogueira2016TOR0
Jarnell Stokes2016TOT0
Wesley Matthews2016DAL0
Dante Cunningham2016NOP0
Tony Parker2016SAS0
Kyrie Irving2016CLE0
J.J. Barea2016DAL0
Robin Lopez2016NYK0
Jeff Teague2016ATL0
Clint Capela2016HOU0
Leandro Barbosa2016GSW0
Sergey Karasev2016BRK0
Jeremy Lamb2016CHO0
Jason Thompson2016TOT0
Damjan Rudež2016MIN0
Solomon Hill2016IND0
Sam Dekker2016HOU0
Jamal Crawford2016LAC0
Zach LaVine2016MIN0
Jabari Parker2016MIL0
Alonzo Gee2016NOP0
Glenn Robinson III2017IND0
Richard Jefferson2017CLE0
Roy Hibbert2017TOT0
Luke Babbitt2017MIA0
John Jenkins2017PHO0
Caris LeVert2017BRK0
Thon Maker2017MIL0
Jeff Withey2017UTA0
Jerian Grant2017CHI0
Salah Mejri2017DAL0
Nick Collison2017OKC0
Ty Lawson2017SAC0
Maurice Harkless2017POR0
T.J. Warren2017PHO0
Danuel House2017WAS0
Shaun Livingston2017GSW0
Joel Bolomboy2017UTA0
Alex Poythress2017PHI0
Joel Anthony2017SAS0
Vince Carter2017MEM0
Harrison Barnes2017DAL0
Sam Dekker2017HOU0
Jodie Meeks2018WAS0
Boban Marjanović2018TOT0
Ersan İlyasova2018TOT0
James Johnson2018MIA0
Fred VanVleet2018TOR0
Manu Ginóbili2018SAS0
Cristiano Felício2018CHI0
Dakari Johnson2018OKC0
C.J. Miles2018TOR0
Daniel Hamilton2018OKC0
Trey McKinney-Jones2018IND0
Yogi Ferrell2018DAL0
Tyler Lydon2018DEN0
Hassan Whiteside2018MIA0
T.J. Leaf2018IND0
Jordan Crawford2018NOP0
Brook Lopez2018LAL0
Nick Collison2018OKC0
Luke Kennard2018DET0
Mangok Mathiang2018CHO0
Miloš Teodosić2018LAC0
Omari Johnson2018MEM0
Justin Patton2018MIN0
Gian Clavell2018DAL0
Chris Boucher2018GSW0
Marshall Plumlee2018MIL0
Rodney Hood2018TOT0
Julyan Stone2018CHO0
Jacob Pullen2018PHI0
Justin Anderson2018PHI0
Gordon Hayward2018BOS0
Draymond Green2018GSW0
Ed Davis2018POR0
Ben Moore2018IND0
Danuel House2018PHO0
David Nwaba2019CLE0
Mike Muscala2019TOT0
Paul Millsap2019DEN0
Gerald Green2019HOU0
Sterling Brown2019MIL0
Thabo Sefolosha2019UTA0
Kevin Love2019CLE0
Ivica Zubac2019TOT0
Mikal Bridges2019PHO0
Zhou Qi2019HOU0
Bismack Biyombo2019CHO0
Johnathan Williams2019LAL0
Darius Miller2019NOP0
Jon Leuer2019DET0
Ivan Rabb2019MEM0
Terrance Ferguson2019OKC0
Patrick Beverley2019LAC0
Troy Daniels2019PHO0
Alfonzo McKinnie2019GSW0
Willy Hernangómez2019CHO0
John Holland2019CLE0
Tyler Ulis2019CHI0
Kobi Simmons2019CLE0
Royce O’Neale2019UTA0
Kalin Lucas2019DET0
Robin Lopez2019CHI0
Ben Simmons2019PHI0
John Jenkins2019TOT0
Alex Len2019ATL0
George King2019PHO0
Tyler Davis2019OKC0
Drew Eubanks2019SAS0
Langston Galloway2019DET0
Alen Smailagić2020GSW0
Jeremy Pargo2020GSW0
Tobias Harris2020PHI0
Jusuf Nurkić2020POR0
Jamal Murray2020DEN0
Ante Žižić2020CLE0
Shaquille Harrison2020CHI0
Domantas Sabonis2020IND0
J.P. Macura2020CLE0
John Henson2020TOT0
Marques Bolden2020CLE0
Mike Muscala2020OKC0
Terrence Ross2020ORL0
Jae Crowder2020TOT0
Semi Ojeleye2020BOS0
Monte Morris2020DEN0
Adam Mokoka2020CHI0
Tyson Chandler2020HOU0
Chris Silva2020MIA0
Thon Maker2020DET0
Eric Paschall2020GSW0
Cody Zeller2020CHO0
Josh Hart2020NOP0
Brad Wanamaker2020BOS0
Bojan Bogdanović2016BRK-0.1
Kent Bazemore2016ATL-0.1
Delon Wright2016TOR-0.1
Andrew Wiggins2016MIN-0.1
Aaron Gordon2016ORL-0.1
Devin Booker2016PHO-0.1
Bismack Biyombo2016TOR-0.1
Rudy Gay2016SAC-0.1
Larry Nance Jr.2016LAL-0.1
Jimmer Fredette2016TOT-0.1
Reggie Jackson2016DET-0.1
Taj Gibson2016CHI-0.1
Jordan McRae2016TOT-0.1
Mason Plumlee2016POR-0.1
Rudy Gobert2016UTA-0.1
Kosta Koufos2016SAC-0.1
James Michael McAdoo2016GSW-0.1
Isaiah Canaan2016PHI-0.1
Aron Baynes2016DET-0.1
Malcolm Brogdon2017MIL-0.1
Al Horford2017BOS-0.1
Evan Fournier2017ORL-0.1
Quincy Acy2017TOT-0.1
Spencer Hawes2017TOT-0.1
Joe Harris2017BRK-0.1
James Johnson2017MIA-0.1
Norman Powell2017TOR-0.1
Jarell Eddie2017PHO-0.1
E’Twaun Moore2017NOP-0.1
James Young2017BOS-0.1
Patrick Patterson2017TOR-0.1
Willie Cauley-Stein2017SAC-0.1
Nikola Mirotić2017CHI-0.1
Devin Harris2017DAL-0.1
Zaza Pachulia2017GSW-0.1
Steven Adams2017OKC-0.1
Marc Gasol2017MEM-0.1
Patrick McCaw2017GSW-0.1
Reggie Williams2017NOP-0.1
Reggie Bullock2017DET-0.1
Justin Hamilton2017BRK-0.1
Joe Johnson2017UTA-0.1
Khem Birch2018ORL-0.1
J.J. Barea2018DAL-0.1
Kendrick Perkins2018CLE-0.1
Vince Hunter2018MEM-0.1
Wesley Matthews2018DAL-0.1
Frank Kaminsky2018CHO-0.1
Buddy Hield2018SAC-0.1
Rashad Vaughn2018TOT-0.1
Dante Exum2018UTA-0.1
Jeff Teague2018MIN-0.1
Tim Quarterman2018HOU-0.1
Terrance Ferguson2018OKC-0.1
Raul Neto2018UTA-0.1
Jared Dudley2018PHO-0.1
Cedi Osman2018CLE-0.1
Derrick Walton2018MIA-0.1
D.J. Wilson2018MIL-0.1
Kosta Koufos2018SAC-0.1
Patrick Patterson2018OKC-0.1
Myles Turner2018IND-0.1
Ike Anigbogu2018IND-0.1
PJ Dozier2018OKC-0.1
Jaylen Brown2018BOS-0.1
Shaquille Harrison2018PHO-0.1
Amir Johnson2018PHI-0.1
James Michael McAdoo2018PHI-0.1
Alec Peters2018PHO-0.1
T.J. Warren2018PHO-0.1
Guerschon Yabusele2018BOS-0.1
Dante Cunningham2018TOT-0.1
Pascal Siakam2018TOR-0.1
Mason Plumlee2018DEN-0.1
James Young2018PHI-0.1
Treveon Graham2018CHO-0.1
Pat Connaughton2018POR-0.1
Chris Boucher2019TOR-0.1
Jared Dudley2019BRK-0.1
Marvin Williams2019CHO-0.1
Donte Grantham2019OKC-0.1
Yogi Ferrell2019SAC-0.1
D.J. Stephens2019MEM-0.1
Bruno Caboclo2019MEM-0.1
Skal Labissière2019TOT-0.1
Derrick White2019SAS-0.1
Shaun Livingston2019GSW-0.1
Khris Middleton2019MIL-0.1
Derrick Jones Jr.2019MIA-0.1
Harrison Barnes2019TOT-0.1
Gorgui Dieng2019MIN-0.1
George Hill2019TOT-0.1
Rodney Hood2019TOT-0.1
Tyler Lydon2019DEN-0.1
Eric Gordon2019HOU-0.1
Ante Žižić2019CLE-0.1
Dario Šarić2019TOT-0.1
Ben McLemore2019SAC-0.1
Raul Neto2019UTA-0.1
Miles Bridges2019CHO-0.1
Davon Reed2019IND-0.1
Jared Dudley2020LAL-0.1
Zach LaVine2020CHI-0.1
Jevon Carter2020PHO-0.1
Raul Neto2020PHI-0.1
Trey Burke2020TOT-0.1
Torrey Craig2020DEN-0.1
Kyle Alexander2020MIA-0.1
Maurice Harkless2020TOT-0.1
Dante Exum2020TOT-0.1
Harry Giles2020SAC-0.1
JaMychal Green2020LAC-0.1
Pat Connaughton2020MIL-0.1
Josh Gray2020NOP-0.1
Royce O’Neale2020UTA-0.1
Jeremy Lamb2020IND-0.1
Jeremiah Martin2020BRK-0.1
Ryan Arcidiacono2020CHI-0.1
Lauri Markkanen2020CHI-0.1
Joakim Noah2020LAC-0.1
Chimezie Metu2020SAS-0.1
Javonte Green2020BOS-0.1
Eric Bledsoe2020MIL-0.1
Melvin Frazier2020ORL-0.1
Chris Clemons2020HOU-0.1
Nikola Vučević2020ORL-0.1
Jabari Parker2020TOT-0.1
Luke Babbitt2016NOP-0.2
Pau Gasol2016CHI-0.2
Branden Dawson2016LAC-0.2
Greg Smith2016MIN-0.2
Jeff Ayres2016LAC-0.2
J.J. O’Brien2016UTA-0.2
Donald Sloan2016BRK-0.2
Lance Stephenson2016TOT-0.2
Maurice Harkless2016POR-0.2
Norman Powell2016TOR-0.2
Deron Williams2016DAL-0.2
Patrick Patterson2016TOR-0.2
Joe Harris2016CLE-0.2
Victor Oladipo2016ORL-0.2
Vince Carter2016MEM-0.2
Alan Anderson2016WAS-0.2
Eric Moreland2016SAC-0.2
Erick Green2016TOT-0.2
Jordan Farmar2016MEM-0.2
Nazr Mohammed2016OKC-0.2
Ian Clark2016GSW-0.2
Lavoy Allen2016IND-0.2
Marcus Morris2016DET-0.2
Cliff Alexander2016POR-0.2
Jrue Holiday2016NOP-0.2
Mike Miller2016DEN-0.2
Kyle Anderson2016SAS-0.2
Arron Afflalo2016NYK-0.2
Justin Anderson2016DAL-0.2
Will Barton2016DEN-0.2
Joe Johnson2016TOT-0.2
Hollis Thompson2016PHI-0.2
C.J. Wilcox2016LAC-0.2
Austin Rivers2016LAC-0.2
Jerami Grant2017TOT-0.2
Mike Miller2017DEN-0.2
Garrett Temple2017SAC-0.2
Jarrett Jack2017NOP-0.2
Tyler Johnson2017MIA-0.2
Ivica Zubac2017LAL-0.2
Ersan İlyasova2017TOT-0.2
Danny Green2017SAS-0.2
Will Barton2017DEN-0.2
Patrick Beverley2017HOU-0.2
K.J. McDaniels2017TOT-0.2
James Michael McAdoo2017GSW-0.2
Jakob Poeltl2017TOR-0.2
Bobby Portis2017CHI-0.2
Aron Baynes2017DET-0.2
Johnny O’Bryant2017TOT-0.2
Kosta Koufos2017SAC-0.2
R.J. Hunter2017CHI-0.2
Chris McCullough2017TOT-0.2
Derrick Williams2017TOT-0.2
Kevon Looney2017GSW-0.2
Dirk Nowitzki2017DAL-0.2
Jonas Jerebko2017BOS-0.2
Andrew Bogut2018LAL-0.2
Glenn Robinson III2018IND-0.2
Markieff Morris2018WAS-0.2
Rudy Gay2018SAS-0.2
Ryan Arcidiacono2018CHI-0.2
Richard Jefferson2018DEN-0.2
Jabari Parker2018MIL-0.2
Ekpe Udoh2018UTA-0.2
Jason Terry2018MIL-0.2
Alex Poythress2018IND-0.2
Damyean Dotson2018NYK-0.2
Tarik Black2018HOU-0.2
Mindaugas Kuzminskas2018NYK-0.2
Tristan Thompson2018CLE-0.2
Marcus Georges-Hunt2018MIN-0.2
Troy Williams2018TOT-0.2
J.R. Smith2018CLE-0.2
Josh McRoberts2018DAL-0.2
Nik Stauskas2018TOT-0.2
Corey Brewer2018TOT-0.2
Harrison Barnes2018DAL-0.2
Isaiah Canaan2018TOT-0.2
Bam Adebayo2018MIA-0.2
Sam Dekker2018LAC-0.2
Shaun Livingston2018GSW-0.2
Nerlens Noel2018DAL-0.2
Joakim Noah2018NYK-0.2
Luke Kornet2019NYK-0.2
Henry Ellenson2019TOT-0.2
Reggie Jackson2019DET-0.2
Cristiano Felício2019CHI-0.2
Alex Poythress2019ATL-0.2
Maurice Harkless2019POR-0.2
Kyle Anderson2019MEM-0.2
C.J. Williams2019MIN-0.2
Jeremy Lin2019TOT-0.2
Jalen Brunson2019DAL-0.2
Jordan McRae2019WAS-0.2
James Nunnally2019TOT-0.2
P.J. Tucker2019HOU-0.2
Jalen Jones2019CLE-0.2
Nik Stauskas2019TOT-0.2
Wesley Matthews2019TOT-0.2
Fred VanVleet2019TOR-0.2
Tyson Chandler2019TOT-0.2
Torrey Craig2019DEN-0.2
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander2019LAC-0.2
Duncan Robinson2019MIA-0.2
Brandon Sampson2019CHI-0.2
John Henson2019MIL-0.2
Zach Lofton2019DET-0.2
Okaro White2019WAS-0.2
Marvin Bagley III2019SAC-0.2
Devontae Cacok2020LAL-0.2
Justin Robinson2020WAS-0.2
Johnathan Williams2020WAS-0.2
Buddy Hield2020SAC-0.2
Patrick Beverley2020LAC-0.2
Kristaps Porziņģis2020DAL-0.2
Josh Jackson2020MEM-0.2
Keita Bates-Diop2020TOT-0.2
Wesley Matthews2020MIL-0.2
Terance Mann2020LAC-0.2
Luke Kornet2020CHI-0.2
Danny Green2020LAL-0.2
Malcolm Miller2020TOR-0.2
Damion Lee2020GSW-0.2
Skal Labissière2020POR-0.2
Malik Newman2020CLE-0.2
Serge Ibaka2020TOR-0.2
Miye Oni2020UTA-0.2
Tyler Zeller2020SAS-0.2
Wendell Carter Jr.2020CHI-0.2
D.J. Augustin2020ORL-0.2
Vlatko Čančar2020DEN-0.2
Jarrod Uthoff2020TOT-0.2
Myles Turner2020IND-0.2
Delon Wright2020DAL-0.2
James Ennis2020TOT-0.2
Willy Hernangómez2020CHO-0.2
Terry Rozier2020CHO-0.2
Isaiah Roby2020OKC-0.2
Markieff Morris2020TOT-0.2
Jarred Vanderbilt2020TOT-0.2
Jordan Bell2020TOT-0.2
P.J. Tucker2020HOU-0.2
Nicolò Melli2020NOP-0.2
Donovan Mitchell2020UTA-0.2
Donte DiVincenzo2020MIL-0.2
Zylan Cheatham2020NOP-0.2
Kyle Guy2020SAC-0.2
Bismack Biyombo2020CHO-0.2
Will Barton2020DEN-0.2
Omari Spellman2020GSW-0.2
Robert Covington2020TOT-0.2
Kyle O’Quinn2020PHI-0.2
Mychal Mulder2020GSW-0.2
Brook Lopez2020MIL-0.2
Paul Watson2020TOT-0.2
Marco Belinelli2020SAS-0.2
Wesley Iwundu2020ORL-0.2
Lou Williams2020LAC-0.2
Tyus Jones2020MEM-0.2
Damyean Dotson2020NYK-0.2
Austin Rivers2020HOU-0.2
Wesley Johnson2016LAC-0.3
Edy Tavares2016ATL-0.3
Matthew Dellavedova2016CLE-0.3
Glenn Robinson III2016IND-0.3
Josh Huestis2016OKC-0.3
Tyler Hansbrough2016CHO-0.3
Gerald Henderson2016POR-0.3
Caron Butler2016SAC-0.3
Sasha Kaun2016CLE-0.3
Ersan İlyasova2016TOT-0.3
Garrett Temple2016WAS-0.3
Mario Hezonja2016ORL-0.3
Chase Budinger2016TOT-0.3
John Jenkins2016TOT-0.3
Ricky Rubio2016MIN-0.3
Tyler Zeller2016BOS-0.3
Axel Toupane2016DEN-0.3
Raul Neto2016UTA-0.3
Andrew Goudelock2016HOU-0.3
Jarell Martin2016MEM-0.3
Luis Scola2016TOR-0.3
Christian Wood2016PHI-0.3
Ömer Aşık2016NOP-0.3
Carmelo Anthony2016NYK-0.3
K.J. McDaniels2016HOU-0.3
Mo Williams2016CLE-0.3
Chris Kaman2016POR-0.3
Ricky Rubio2017MIN-0.3
Anthony Bennett2017BRK-0.3
Beno Udrih2017DET-0.3
Kevin Séraphin2017IND-0.3
Ian Mahinmi2017WAS-0.3
DeMarcus Cousins2017TOT-0.3
Tiago Splitter2017PHI-0.3
Troy Daniels2017MEM-0.3
Iman Shumpert2017CLE-0.3
Willy Hernangómez2017NYK-0.3
Sheldon Mac2017WAS-0.3
Gorgui Dieng2017MIN-0.3
Malik Beasley2017DEN-0.3
David West2017GSW-0.3
Tim Quarterman2017POR-0.3
Kristaps Porziņģis2017NYK-0.3
Manu Ginóbili2017SAS-0.3
DeMarre Carroll2017TOR-0.3
Tarik Black2017LAL-0.3
John Lucas III2017MIN-0.3
Mason Plumlee2017TOT-0.3
Wilson Chandler2017DEN-0.3
Raul Neto2017UTA-0.3
Kyle O’Quinn2017NYK-0.3
Buddy Hield2017TOT-0.3
Anthony Morrow2017TOT-0.3
Malachi Richardson2017SAC-0.3
Deyonta Davis2017MEM-0.3
Larry Sanders2017CLE-0.3
Tyus Jones2017MIN-0.3
Steve Novak2017MIL-0.3
Ian Clark2018NOP-0.3
Johnathan Motley2018DAL-0.3
Royce O’Neale2018UTA-0.3
Kenneth Faried2018DEN-0.3
Jacob Wiley2018BRK-0.3
Ivica Zubac2018LAL-0.3
Josh Richardson2018MIA-0.3
Vince Carter2018SAC-0.3
Pau Gasol2018SAS-0.3
DeMarre Carroll2018BRK-0.3
Trevor Booker2018TOT-0.3
Emeka Okafor2018NOP-0.3
Aaron Brooks2018MIN-0.3
Patrick Beverley2018LAC-0.3
DeMarcus Cousins2018NOP-0.3
Torrey Craig2018DEN-0.3
Blake Griffin2018TOT-0.3
Nicolás Brussino2018ATL-0.3
Shabazz Muhammad2018TOT-0.3
Wayne Selden2018MEM-0.3
Juan Hernangómez2018DEN-0.3
Andre Iguodala2018GSW-0.3
Marreese Speights2018ORL-0.3
Tim Hardaway Jr.2018NYK-0.3
Michael Beasley2018NYK-0.3
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2018CHO-0.3
Arron Afflalo2018ORL-0.3
Kent Bazemore2018ATL-0.3
Shabazz Napier2018POR-0.3
Jeff Withey2018DAL-0.3
Matt Costello2018SAS-0.3
Joffrey Lauvergne2018SAS-0.3
Mario Hezonja2018ORL-0.3
Chasson Randle2019WAS-0.3
Guerschon Yabusele2019BOS-0.3
Jarell Martin2019ORL-0.3
Ersan İlyasova2019MIL-0.3
Matthew Dellavedova2019TOT-0.3
Semi Ojeleye2019BOS-0.3
Hassan Whiteside2019MIA-0.3
Garrett Temple2019TOT-0.3
Channing Frye2019CLE-0.3
Jae Crowder2019UTA-0.3
Joakim Noah2019MEM-0.3
Amir Johnson2019PHI-0.3
Lauri Markkanen2019CHI-0.3
Kyle O’Quinn2019IND-0.3
T.J. McConnell2019PHI-0.3
Aron Baynes2019BOS-0.3
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2019CHO-0.3
Troy Williams2019SAC-0.3
Miloš Teodosić2019LAC-0.3
Jusuf Nurkić2019POR-0.3
Sindarius Thornwell2019LAC-0.3
Thon Maker2019TOT-0.3
Johnathan Motley2019LAC-0.3
Wilson Chandler2019TOT-0.3
Eric Moreland2019TOT-0.3
Jerome Robinson2019LAC-0.3
Allonzo Trier2019NYK-0.3
Furkan Korkmaz2019PHI-0.3
Isaiah Hartenstein2019HOU-0.3
Patrick McCaw2019TOT-0.3
Gorgui Dieng2020TOT-0.3
James Johnson2020TOT-0.3
Derrick Rose2020DET-0.3
Jared Harper2020PHO-0.3
Jalen Brunson2020DAL-0.3
Malik Beasley2020TOT-0.3
Collin Sexton2020CLE-0.3
Tyler Herro2020MIA-0.3
Talen Horton-Tucker2020LAL-0.3
Nicolas Claxton2020BRK-0.3
Vincent Poirier2020BOS-0.3
Solomon Hill2020TOT-0.3
Khem Birch2020ORL-0.3
Deandre Ayton2020PHO-0.3
Avery Bradley2020LAL-0.3
Marcus Thornton2016TOT-0.4
Jodie Meeks2016DET-0.4
Kirk Hinrich2016TOT-0.4
Kris Humphries2016TOT-0.4
Goran Dragić2016MIA-0.4
Tarik Black2016LAL-0.4
Ronnie Price2016PHO-0.4
Jarell Eddie2016WAS-0.4
Darrell Arthur2016DEN-0.4
R.J. Hunter2016BOS-0.4
Serge Ibaka2016OKC-0.4
Jonas Jerebko2016BOS-0.4
Darrun Hilliard2016DET-0.4
Anthony Bennett2016TOR-0.4
Nikola Vučević2016ORL-0.4
Nik Stauskas2016PHI-0.4
Cory Jefferson2016PHO-0.4
Myles Turner2016IND-0.4
Trey Lyles2016UTA-0.4
Wayne Ellington2016BRK-0.4
Luc Mbah a Moute2016LAC-0.4
Jordan Hill2016IND-0.4
Jordan Mickey2016BOS-0.4
J.J. Hickson2016TOT-0.4
Mitch McGary2016OKC-0.4
Tim Duncan*2016SAS-0.4
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2016DET-0.4
Tyler Ennis2016MIL-0.4
Pablo Prigioni2016LAC-0.4
Bobby Brown2017HOU-0.4
Cole Aldrich2017MIN-0.4
Trey Burke2017WAS-0.4
Arinze Onuaku2017ORL-0.4
Christian Wood2017CHO-0.4
Luis Scola2017BRK-0.4
Maurice Ndour2017NYK-0.4
Gerald Green2017BOS-0.4
Al Jefferson2017IND-0.4
Gerald Henderson2017PHI-0.4
Jameer Nelson2017DEN-0.4
Nik Stauskas2017PHI-0.4
Paul Millsap2017ATL-0.4
Ben McLemore2017SAC-0.4
Aaron Gordon2017ORL-0.4
Georgios Papagiannis2017SAC-0.4
Ömer Aşık2017NOP-0.4
Alan Williams2017PHO-0.4
Tyler Zeller2017BOS-0.4
Rakeem Christmas2017IND-0.4
Brian Roberts2017CHO-0.4
Damjan Rudež2017ORL-0.4
Chris Andersen2017CLE-0.4
Paul Pierce2017LAC-0.4
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2017CHO-0.4
Austin Rivers2017LAC-0.4
Solomon Hill2017NOP-0.4
John Henson2017MIL-0.4
Ed Davis2017POR-0.4
Wesley Matthews2017DAL-0.4
Deron Williams2017TOT-0.4
Carmelo Anthony2017NYK-0.4
Alan Anderson2017LAC-0.4
D.J. Augustin2017ORL-0.4
José Calderón2017TOT-0.4
Langston Galloway2017TOT-0.4
J.J. Barea2017DAL-0.4
Markieff Morris2017WAS-0.4
Mirza Teletović2017MIL-0.4
Marcus Morris2018BOS-0.4
Ian Mahinmi2018WAS-0.4
Chris McCullough2018WAS-0.4
Ron Baker2018NYK-0.4
David Nwaba2018CHI-0.4
Jarell Eddie2018TOT-0.4
CJ McCollum2018POR-0.4
Malik Beasley2018DEN-0.4
Jerian Grant2018CHI-0.4
Erik McCree2018UTA-0.4
Damian Jones2018GSW-0.4
Kyle Kuzma2018LAL-0.4
Andrew Harrison2018MEM-0.4
Gorgui Dieng2018MIN-0.4
Brandon Paul2018SAS-0.4
Justin Jackson2018SAC-0.4
Jerryd Bayless2018PHI-0.4
Luke Kornet2018NYK-0.4
Joel Bolomboy2018MIL-0.4
Bryn Forbes2018SAS-0.4
Ben Simmons2018PHI-0.4
Goran Dragić2018MIA-0.4
Garrett Temple2018SAC-0.4
Briante Weber2018TOT-0.4
Alex Caruso2018LAL-0.4
T.J. McConnell2018PHI-0.4
Jordan Clarkson2018TOT-0.4
Andre Roberson2018OKC-0.4
Eric Moreland2018DET-0.4
Wilson Chandler2018DEN-0.4
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2018BRK-0.4
Cole Aldrich2018MIN-0.4
Brice Johnson2018TOT-0.4
Jae Crowder2018TOT-0.4
Taurean Prince2018ATL-0.4
Kelly Oubre Jr.2018WAS-0.4
P.J. Tucker2018HOU-0.4
Scotty Hopson2018DAL-0.4
Darrell Arthur2018DEN-0.4
Domantas Sabonis2018IND-0.4
Joe Young2018IND-0.4
Josh Smith2018NOP-0.4
DeAndre Liggins2018TOT-0.4
Wesley Iwundu2019ORL-0.4
Corey Brewer2019TOT-0.4
Jabari Parker2019TOT-0.4
Mike Scott2019TOT-0.4
OG Anunoby2019TOR-0.4
Kelly Oubre Jr.2019TOT-0.4
Tyler Cavanaugh2019UTA-0.4
Terrence Jones2019HOU-0.4
Zach Collins2019POR-0.4
DeMarre Carroll2019BRK-0.4
Pau Gasol2019TOT-0.4
Salah Mejri2019DAL-0.4
Raymond Felton2019OKC-0.4
Jonathan Isaac2019ORL-0.4
Jerian Grant2019ORL-0.4
Chris Chiozza2019HOU-0.4
Shabazz Napier2019BRK-0.4
Marcin Gortat2019LAC-0.4
Emanuel Terry2019TOT-0.4
Kevin Huerter2019ATL-0.4
Gary Clark2019HOU-0.4
Nick Young2019DEN-0.4
Trevor Ariza2019TOT-0.4
Jarred Vanderbilt2019DEN-0.4
Anfernee Simons2019POR-0.4
Ian Mahinmi2019WAS-0.4
Jordan Bell2019GSW-0.4
Devin Harris2019DAL-0.4
Justin Anderson2019ATL-0.4
Abdel Nader2019OKC-0.4
Jaron Blossomgame2019CLE-0.4
Glenn Robinson III2019DET-0.4
Corey Brewer2020SAC-0.4
Luc Mbah a Moute2020HOU-0.4
Charlie Brown2020ATL-0.4
Troy Daniels2020TOT-0.4
Daryl Macon2020MIA-0.4
Al Horford2020PHI-0.4
Stephen Curry2020GSW-0.4
Fred VanVleet2020TOR-0.4
Bruno Fernando2020ATL-0.4
Yogi Ferrell2020SAC-0.4
Yuta Watanabe2020MEM-0.4
Cedi Osman2020CLE-0.4
Jeff Teague2020TOT-0.4
Matisse Thybulle2020PHI-0.4
Admiral Schofield2020WAS-0.4
Nassir Little2020POR-0.4
De’Aaron Fox2020SAC-0.4
Frank Kaminsky2020PHO-0.4
Khyri Thomas2020DET-0.4
CJ McCollum2020POR-0.4
Jake Layman2020MIN-0.4
Alex Caruso2020LAL-0.4
Rudy Gay2020SAS-0.4
Kevin Huerter2020ATL-0.4
Bol Bol2020DEN-0.4
Michael Carter-Williams2020ORL-0.4
Dragan Bender2020TOT-0.4
Jonathan Isaac2020ORL-0.4
Thabo Sefolosha2020HOU-0.4
Jaylen Hoard2020POR-0.4
Rodions Kurucs2020BRK-0.4
Elie Okobo2020PHO-0.4
Chuck Hayes2016HOU-0.5
Nate Robinson2016NOP-0.5
Steve Blake2016DET-0.5
Trevor Booker2016UTA-0.5
Jason Smith2016ORL-0.5
Kevin Garnett*2016MIN-0.5
Chris Copeland2016MIL-0.5
Kyle O’Quinn2016NYK-0.5
Kevin Martin2016TOT-0.5
Al-Farouq Aminu2016POR-0.5
James Johnson2016TOR-0.5
Kelly Oubre Jr.2016WAS-0.5
Thaddeus Young2016BRK-0.5
Markel Brown2016BRK-0.5
Robert Covington2016PHI-0.5
Udonis Haslem2016MIA-0.5
Al Jefferson2016CHO-0.5
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2016BRK-0.5
Justin Holiday2016TOT-0.5
Zach Randolph2016MEM-0.5
Tayshaun Prince2016MIN-0.5
Nick Collison2016OKC-0.5
Bryce Dejean-Jones2016NOP-0.5
Terrence Jones2016HOU-0.5
Zaza Pachulia2016DAL-0.5
Frank Kaminsky2016CHO-0.5
Sasha Vujačić2016NYK-0.5
Jeremy Lin2016CHO-0.5
Justin Anderson2017TOT-0.5
Tyler Ennis2017TOT-0.5
Kyle Anderson2017SAS-0.5
Shabazz Napier2017POR-0.5
Adreian Payne2017MIN-0.5
Lance Thomas2017NYK-0.5
Mindaugas Kuzminskas2017NYK-0.5
Thabo Sefolosha2017ATL-0.5
Nicolás Brussino2017DAL-0.5
Yogi Ferrell2017TOT-0.5
Jaylen Brown2017BOS-0.5
C.J. Watson2017ORL-0.5
Kyle Wiltjer2017HOU-0.5
Delon Wright2017TOR-0.5
Nicolás Laprovíttola2017SAS-0.5
Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot2017PHI-0.5
Kris Humphries2017ATL-0.5
Pascal Siakam2017TOR-0.5
Alex Len2017PHO-0.5
LaMarcus Aldridge2017SAS-0.5
Meyers Leonard2017POR-0.5
Leandro Barbosa2017PHO-0.5
Sean Kilpatrick2017BRK-0.5
Anderson Varejão2017GSW-0.5
Lavoy Allen2017IND-0.5
Paul Millsap2018DEN-0.5
Malcolm Delaney2018ATL-0.5
Sindarius Thornwell2018LAC-0.5
Matt Williams2018MIA-0.5
Langston Galloway2018DET-0.5
Timofey Mozgov2018BRK-0.5
Nicolas Batum2018CHO-0.5
Travis Wear2018LAL-0.5
Thomas Bryant2018LAL-0.5
Jonathon Simmons2018ORL-0.5
Marcin Gortat2018WAS-0.5
Bismack Biyombo2018ORL-0.5
Tony Bradley2018UTA-0.5
Antonius Cleveland2018TOT-0.5
Sterling Brown2018MIL-0.5
Wesley Johnson2018LAC-0.5
Ricky Rubio2018UTA-0.5
Derrick Jones Jr.2018TOT-0.5
Bobby Portis2018CHI-0.5
Georges Niang2018UTA-0.5
Thaddeus Young2018IND-0.5
Joel Embiid2018PHI-0.5
Derrick Williams2018LAL-0.5
C.J. Williams2018LAC-0.5
Nikola Vučević2018ORL-0.5
Denzel Valentine2018CHI-0.5
Ben McLemore2018MEM-0.5
Spencer Dinwiddie2018BRK-0.5
Lorenzo Brown2018TOR-0.5
Alec Burks2018UTA-0.5
Trey Burke2019TOT-0.5
Vince Edwards2019HOU-0.5
Luka Dončić2019DAL-0.5
Tim Frazier2019TOT-0.5
Jayson Tatum2019BOS-0.5
De’Aaron Fox2019SAC-0.5
Ike Anigbogu2019IND-0.5
Cedi Osman2019CLE-0.5
Zhaire Smith2019PHI-0.5
Damyean Dotson2019NYK-0.5
Michael Beasley2019LAL-0.5
Malachi Richardson2019TOR-0.5
Patrick Patterson2019OKC-0.5
Tyler Johnson2019TOT-0.5
Evan Fournier2019ORL-0.5
Josh Richardson2019MIA-0.5
Joe Chealey2019CHO-0.5
Frank Jackson2019NOP-0.5
Deonte Burton2019OKC-0.5
Jordan Clarkson2019CLE-0.5
Ray Spalding2019TOT-0.5
Jaylen Brown2019BOS-0.5
Brandon Goodwin2019DEN-0.5
D.J. Wilson2019MIL-0.5
Aaron Holiday2019IND-0.5
Tristan Thompson2019CLE-0.5
Dorian Finney-Smith2019DAL-0.5
Omari Spellman2019ATL-0.5
Moritz Wagner2019LAL-0.5
Courtney Lee2019TOT-0.5
Noah Vonleh2019NYK-0.5
Hamidou Diallo2019OKC-0.5
Kyle Kuzma2019LAL-0.5
Dragan Bender2019PHO-0.5
Matt Mooney2020CLE-0.5
Moses Brown2020POR-0.5
Tariq Owens2020PHO-0.5
Pascal Siakam2020TOR-0.5
Justin James2020SAC-0.5
Shabazz Napier2020TOT-0.5
Anthony Tolliver2020TOT-0.5
Caleb Swanigan2020TOT-0.5
Amir Coffey2020LAC-0.5
Anžejs Pasečņiks2020WAS-0.5
Kyle Anderson2020MEM-0.5
Marc Gasol2020TOR-0.5
Malik Monk2020CHO-0.5
Mo Bamba2020ORL-0.5
Wenyen Gabriel2020TOT-0.5
Louis King2020DET-0.5
Denzel Valentine2020CHI-0.5
Nigel Williams-Goss2020UTA-0.5
Alize Johnson2020IND-0.5
P.J. Washington2020CHO-0.5
Justin Jackson2020DAL-0.5
Goga Bitadze2020IND-0.5
Amile Jefferson2020ORL-0.5
Josh Okogie2020MIN-0.5
Juan Hernangómez2020TOT-0.5
Chandler Hutchison2020CHI-0.5
Mario Hezonja2020POR-0.5
Bryce Cotton2016TOT-0.6
Aaron Harrison2016CHO-0.6
Russ Smith2016MEM-0.6
James Young2016BOS-0.6
Anderson Varejão2016TOT-0.6
Trey Burke2016UTA-0.6
Damien Inglis2016MIL-0.6
Kostas Papanikolaou2016DEN-0.6
Kyle Singler2016OKC-0.6
Andrea Bargnani2016BRK-0.6
Marco Belinelli2016SAC-0.6
Cameron Payne2016OKC-0.6
Donatas Motiejūnas2016HOU-0.6
Langston Galloway2016NYK-0.6
Henry Sims2016BRK-0.6
Chris Johnson2016UTA-0.6
Raymond Felton2016DAL-0.6
Shane Larkin2016BRK-0.6
JaMychal Green2016MEM-0.6
Nerlens Noel2016PHI-0.6
Thomas Robinson2017LAL-0.6
DeAndre’ Bembry2017ATL-0.6
Kyle Singler2017OKC-0.6
Daniel Ochefu2017WAS-0.6
Nemanja Bjelica2017MIN-0.6
Cheick Diallo2017NOP-0.6
Timofey Mozgov2017LAL-0.6
Kelly Oubre Jr.2017WAS-0.6
Trevor Booker2017BRK-0.6
Taurean Prince2017ATL-0.6
Udonis Haslem2017MIA-0.6
Taj Gibson2017TOT-0.6
Jordan Mickey2017BOS-0.6
Andre Roberson2017OKC-0.6
Marshall Plumlee2017NYK-0.6
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2017DET-0.6
Bruno Caboclo2017TOR-0.6
Brandon Rush2017MIN-0.6
Victor Oladipo2017OKC-0.6
Joe Young2017IND-0.6
Matt Barnes2017TOT-0.6
Draymond Green2017GSW-0.6
P.J. Tucker2017TOT-0.6
Jamal Crawford2017LAC-0.6
Lance Thomas2018NYK-0.6
Jamal Crawford2018MIN-0.6
Miles Plumlee2018ATL-0.6
Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot2018PHI-0.6
Tony Allen2018NOP-0.6
Markel Brown2018HOU-0.6
Noah Vonleh2018TOT-0.6
Robin Lopez2018CHI-0.6
Dillon Brooks2018MEM-0.6
Thon Maker2018MIL-0.6
Demetrius Jackson2018TOT-0.6
Quincy Acy2018BRK-0.6
Shelvin Mack2018ORL-0.6
Dwight Howard2018CHO-0.6
Xavier Silas2018BOS-0.6
Rajon Rondo2018NOP-0.6
Dragan Bender2018PHO-0.6
Ish Smith2018DET-0.6
Josh Magette2018ATL-0.6
Jake Layman2018POR-0.6
Semi Ojeleye2018BOS-0.6
Mike Conley2018MEM-0.6
Terry Rozier2018BOS-0.6
Wesley Iwundu2018ORL-0.6
Marcus Paige2018CHO-0.6
Jordan Mickey2018MIA-0.6
Danny Green2018SAS-0.6
Josh Hart2019LAL-0.6
DeMarcus Cousins2019GSW-0.6
Dion Waiters2019MIA-0.6
Jaylen Morris2019MIL-0.6
Sam Dekker2019TOT-0.6
Jamal Crawford2019PHO-0.6
Andrew Bogut2019GSW-0.6
Justin Holiday2019TOT-0.6
Lance Stephenson2019LAL-0.6
Alec Burks2019TOT-0.6
Brandon Ingram2019LAL-0.6
Rodions Kurucs2019BRK-0.6
Álex Abrines2019OKC-0.6
Chandler Hutchison2019CHI-0.6
Alize Johnson2019IND-0.6
Bogdan Bogdanović2019SAC-0.6
Markieff Morris2019TOT-0.6
Mo Bamba2019ORL-0.6
Tyler Dorsey2019TOT-0.6
Solomon Hill2019NOP-0.6
C.J. Miles2019TOT-0.6
Cameron Payne2019TOT-0.6
Jamal Murray2019DEN-0.6
Donte DiVincenzo2019MIL-0.6
Marc Gasol2019TOT-0.6
Delon Wright2019TOT-0.6
Isaiah Canaan2019TOT-0.6
Daryl Macon2019DAL-0.6
Josh Reaves2020DAL-0.6
Bruno Caboclo2020TOT-0.6
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2020TOR-0.6
Jaylen Nowell2020MIN-0.6
Ed Davis2020UTA-0.6
Josh Magette2020ORL-0.6
Wayne Ellington2020NYK-0.6
Oshae Brissett2020TOR-0.6
Thanasis Antetokounmpo2020MIL-0.6
Justin Patton2020OKC-0.6
Cory Joseph2020SAC-0.6
Mike Conley2020UTA-0.6
Zach Norvell2020TOT-0.6
Brandon Goodwin2020ATL-0.6
Rodney McGruder2020LAC-0.6
Udonis Haslem2020MIA-0.6
Spencer Dinwiddie2020BRK-0.6
Ja Morant2020MEM-0.6
Tomáš Satoranský2020CHI-0.6
Robin Lopez2020MIL-0.6
DeMarre Carroll2020TOT-0.6
Marko Guduric2020MEM-0.6
Ricky Rubio2020PHO-0.6
J.J. Barea2020DAL-0.6
Lamar Patterson2016ATL-0.7
Marcelo Huertas2016LAL-0.7
Evan Turner2016BOS-0.7
Spencer Hawes2016CHO-0.7
Sonny Weems2016TOT-0.7
Matt Barnes2016MEM-0.7
Jared Cunningham2016TOT-0.7
Beno Udrih2016TOT-0.7
Roy Hibbert2016LAL-0.7
Brandon Knight2016PHO-0.7
Jeff Green2016TOT-0.7
Aaron Brooks2016CHI-0.7
Paul Pierce2016LAC-0.7
DeMarcus Cousins2016SAC-0.7
Luis Montero2016POR-0.7
Alec Burks2016UTA-0.7
Ray McCallum2016TOT-0.7
Pat Connaughton2016POR-0.7
Alexis Ajinça2016NOP-0.7
Alan Williams2016PHO-0.7
Brandon Jennings2016TOT-0.7
Robert Sacre2016LAL-0.7
Shelvin Mack2016TOT-0.7
Rodney Stuckey2016IND-0.7
P.J. Tucker2016PHO-0.7
Ben McLemore2016SAC-0.7
Cory Joseph2016TOR-0.7
Danny Green2016SAS-0.7
Aaron Brooks2017IND-0.7
Nicolas Batum2017CHO-0.7
Alexis Ajinça2017NOP-0.7
Bryn Forbes2017SAS-0.7
Randy Foye2017BRK-0.7
Jarrod Uthoff2017DAL-0.7
Dante Exum2017UTA-0.7
Wayne Selden2017TOT-0.7
Jordan McRae2017CLE-0.7
John Wall2017WAS-0.7
Okaro White2017MIA-0.7
Aaron Harrison2017CHO-0.7
Dahntay Jones2017CLE-0.7
Cory Joseph2017TOR-0.7
Briante Weber2017TOT-0.7
Rodney Hood2017UTA-0.7
Joffrey Lauvergne2017TOT-0.7
Omri Casspi2017TOT-0.7
Miles Plumlee2017TOT-0.7
Wesley Johnson2017LAC-0.7
Ryan Kelly2017ATL-0.7
Joel Embiid2017PHI-0.7
Troy Williams2017TOT-0.7
Rodney McGruder2017MIA-0.7
Noah Vonleh2017POR-0.7
Hollis Thompson2017TOT-0.7
Derrick Rose2017NYK-0.7
Tomáš Satoranský2017WAS-0.7
Brice Johnson2017LAC-0.7
Terrence Jones2017TOT-0.7
Denzel Valentine2017CHI-0.7
Bismack Biyombo2017ORL-0.7
Jamal Murray2017DEN-0.7
Tony Parker2017SAS-0.7
Matthew Dellavedova2018MIL-0.7
Andre Drummond2018DET-0.7
JaMychal Green2018MEM-0.7
Luis Montero2018DET-0.7
Nate Wolters2018UTA-0.7
Henry Ellenson2018DET-0.7
Sean Kilpatrick2018TOT-0.7
Luol Deng2018LAL-0.7
Shane Larkin2018BOS-0.7
Damien Wilkins2018IND-0.7
Terrence Ross2018ORL-0.7
Evan Turner2018POR-0.7
Donovan Mitchell2018UTA-0.7
Kyle Singler2018OKC-0.7
Devin Robinson2018WAS-0.7
Al-Farouq Aminu2018POR-0.7
Xavier Munford2018MIL-0.7
José Calderón2019DET-0.7
Frank Mason III2019SAC-0.7
Greg Monroe2019TOT-0.7
Haywood Highsmith2019PHI-0.7
PJ Dozier2019BOS-0.7
Jaylen Adams2019ATL-0.7
Zaza Pachulia2019DET-0.7
Tyus Jones2019MIN-0.7
Yante Maten2019MIA-0.7
Wesley Johnson2019TOT-0.7
Shake Milton2019PHI-0.7
Malik Monk2019CHO-0.7
Draymond Green2019GSW-0.7
Gary Harris2019DEN-0.7
Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot2019TOT-0.7
Lonnie Walker2019SAS-0.7
Deng Adel2019CLE-0.7
Theo Pinson2019BRK-0.7
Grayson Allen2019UTA-0.7
DeMar DeRozan2019SAS-0.7
Jalen Lecque2020PHO-0.7
Chasson Randle2020GSW-0.7
Jonah Bolden2020TOT-0.7
Henry Ellenson2020BRK-0.7
Antonius Cleveland2020DAL-0.7
Ryan Anderson2020HOU-0.7
Quinn Cook2020LAL-0.7
Grant Williams2020BOS-0.7
Brian Bowen2020IND-0.7
Emmanuel Mudiay2020UTA-0.7
Aaron Holiday2020IND-0.7
Chris Chiozza2020TOT-0.7
Juan Toscano-Anderson2020GSW-0.7
Rui Hachimura2020WAS-0.7
T.J. McConnell2020IND-0.7
Reggie Jackson2020TOT-0.7
Luguentz Dort2020OKC-0.7
Wilson Chandler2020BRK-0.7
Troy Brown Jr.2020WAS-0.7
Kendrick Nunn2020MIA-0.7
E’Twaun Moore2020NOP-0.7
Tyler Johnson2020TOT-0.7
Ian Mahinmi2020WAS-0.7
Norvel Pelle2020PHI-0.7
Isaiah Thomas2020WAS-0.7
Keith Appling2016ORL-0.8
T.J. McConnell2016PHI-0.8
Jordan Clarkson2016LAL-0.8
Kristaps Porziņģis2016NYK-0.8
Shabazz Napier2016ORL-0.8
Nick Young2016LAL-0.8
Marreese Speights2016GSW-0.8
Jerian Grant2016NYK-0.8
Tyus Jones2016MIN-0.8
Tyreke Evans2016NOP-0.8
Charlie Villanueva2016DAL-0.8
Elliot Williams2016MEM-0.8
Gerald Green2016MIA-0.8
Tony Allen2016MEM-0.8
Ty Lawson2016TOT-0.8
Cameron Bairstow2016CHI-0.8
Dwyane Wade2016MIA-0.8
Kendrick Perkins2016NOP-0.8
Marc Gasol2016MEM-0.8
Archie Goodwin2016PHO-0.8
C.J. Watson2016ORL-0.8
Jahlil Okafor2016PHI-0.8
Matthew Dellavedova2017MIL-0.8
DeAndre Liggins2017TOT-0.8
Jordan Farmar2017SAC-0.8
Isaiah Canaan2017CHI-0.8
Dejounte Murray2017SAS-0.8
Andrew Wiggins2017MIN-0.8
Marquese Chriss2017PHO-0.8
Dorian Finney-Smith2017DAL-0.8
C.J. Wilcox2017ORL-0.8
Ben Bentil2017DAL-0.8
Ramon Sessions2017CHO-0.8
Marcus Morris2017DET-0.8
Paul Zipser2017CHI-0.8
Shelvin Mack2017UTA-0.8
Jordan Clarkson2017LAL-0.8
Michael Gbinije2017DET-0.8
Corey Brewer2017TOT-0.8
Iman Shumpert2018CLE-0.8
Gary Payton II2018TOT-0.8
R.J. Hunter2018HOU-0.8
Tyler Ennis2018LAL-0.8
London Perrantes2018CLE-0.8
Tyler Dorsey2018ATL-0.8
Walt Lemon Jr.2018NOP-0.8
Furkan Korkmaz2018PHI-0.8
Ömer Aşık2018TOT-0.8
Kadeem Allen2018BOS-0.8
John Holland2018CLE-0.8
Kristaps Porziņģis2018NYK-0.8
Quincy Pondexter2018CHI-0.8
Charles Cooke2018NOP-0.8
Isaiah Whitehead2018BRK-0.8
Tim Frazier2018WAS-0.8
Jalen Jones2018TOT-0.8
Willie Cauley-Stein2018SAC-0.8
Austin Rivers2018LAC-0.8
Jarell Martin2018MEM-0.8
Cory Joseph2018IND-0.8
Bruno Caboclo2018TOT-0.8
Brandon Ingram2018LAL-0.8
Udonis Haslem2018MIA-0.8
Justin Holiday2018CHI-0.8
Ramon Sessions2018TOT-0.8
Jeff Teague2019MIN-0.8
Keita Bates-Diop2019MIN-0.8
Dillon Brooks2019MEM-0.8
MarShon Brooks2019MEM-0.8
Džanan Musa2019BRK-0.8
Troy Brown Jr.2019WAS-0.8
Jason Smith2019TOT-0.8
Iman Shumpert2019TOT-0.8
Naz Mitrou-Long2019UTA-0.8
DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell2019DEN-0.8
Rodney McGruder2019MIA-0.8
Tim Hardaway Jr.2019TOT-0.8
Jacob Evans2019GSW-0.8
Harry Giles2019SAC-0.8
Evan Turner2019POR-0.8
Lance Thomas2019NYK-0.8
Kenrich Williams2019NOP-0.8
Wendell Carter Jr.2019CHI-0.8
Luc Mbah a Moute2019LAC-0.8
Dante Exum2019UTA-0.8
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk2019TOT-0.8
Daniel Hamilton2019ATL-0.8
Trae Young2019ATL-0.8
Dewan Hernandez2020TOR-0.8
Naz Mitrou-Long2020IND-0.8
Malcolm Brogdon2020IND-0.8
Zach Collins2020POR-0.8
Frank Mason III2020MIL-0.8
Terrance Ferguson2020OKC-0.8
Garrett Temple2020BRK-0.8
Jrue Holiday2020NOP-0.8
Kevin Porter Jr.2020CLE-0.8
D.J. Wilson2020MIL-0.8
Reggie Bullock2020NYK-0.8
T.J. Leaf2020IND-0.8
Andre Iguodala2020MIA-0.8
Matthew Dellavedova2020CLE-0.8
Lonnie Walker2020SAS-0.8
Stanley Johnson2020TOR-0.8
Cody Martin2020CHO-0.8
Patrick McCaw2020TOR-0.8
Kadeem Allen2020NYK-0.8
Carsen Edwards2020BOS-0.8
Darius Bazley2020OKC-0.8
Romeo Langford2020BOS-0.8
Frank Jackson2020NOP-0.8
Shayne Whittington2016IND-0.9
Tim Frazier2016TOT-0.9
Tony Snell2016CHI-0.9
James Anderson2016SAC-0.9
Corey Brewer2016HOU-0.9
Josh McRoberts2016MIA-0.9
Dennis Schröder2016ATL-0.9
DeJuan Blair2016WAS-0.9
JaKarr Sampson2016TOT-0.9
Tibor Pleiß2016UTA-0.9
Johnny O’Bryant2016MIL-0.9
Cleanthony Early2016NYK-0.9
Noah Vonleh2016POR-0.9
Fred VanVleet2017TOR-0.9
Stephen Zimmerman2017ORL-0.9
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2017BRK-0.9
Dennis Schröder2017ATL-0.9
A.J. Hammons2017DAL-0.9
Raymond Felton2017LAC-0.9
Jordan Hill2017MIN-0.9
Darrun Hilliard2017DET-0.9
Alec Burks2017UTA-0.9
Tim Frazier2017NOP-0.9
Boris Diaw2017UTA-0.9
Henry Ellenson2017DET-0.9
Robert Covington2017PHI-0.9
Jonathon Simmons2017SAS-0.9
Rashad Vaughn2017MIL-0.9
Jarell Martin2017MEM-0.9
Jrue Holiday2017NOP-0.9
Marcelo Huertas2017LAL-0.9
Damian Jones2017GSW-0.9
Derrick Favors2017UTA-0.9
Brandon Jennings2018MIL-0.9
Jameer Nelson2018TOT-0.9
Larry Drew II2018TOT-0.9
Myke Henry2018MEM-0.9
Patrick McCaw2018GSW-0.9
Elfrid Payton2018TOT-0.9
Raymond Felton2018OKC-0.9
Josh Huestis2018OKC-0.9
Darrun Hilliard2018SAS-0.9
Jon Leuer2018DET-0.9
Bobby Brown2018HOU-0.9
Isaiah Hicks2018NYK-0.9
Zach Randolph2018SAC-0.9
Dwayne Bacon2018CHO-0.9
Dwight Buycks2018DET-0.9
Aaron Gordon2018ORL-0.9
Jason Smith2018WAS-0.9
Justin Patton2019PHI-0.9
Khyri Thomas2019DET-0.9
Kosta Koufos2019SAC-0.9
Donovan Mitchell2019UTA-0.9
Ron Baker2019TOT-0.9
Allen Crabbe2019BRK-0.9
Andre Drummond2019DET-0.9
Aaron Gordon2019ORL-0.9
Ian Clark2019NOP-0.9
Shaquille Harrison2019CHI-0.9
James Johnson2019MIA-0.9
Edmond Sumner2019IND-0.9
Donatas Motiejūnas2019SAS-0.9
Tyrone Wallace2019LAC-0.9
Terry Rozier2019BOS-0.9
Austin Rivers2019TOT-0.9
Elie Okobo2019PHO-0.9
Stanton Kidd2020UTA-0.9
Zhaire Smith2020PHI-0.9
Quinndary Weatherspoon2020SAS-0.9
Vince Carter2020ATL-0.9
PJ Dozier2020DEN-0.9
Devonte’ Graham2020CHO-0.9
Kelan Martin2020MIN-0.9
Marcus Smart2020BOS-0.9
Edmond Sumner2020IND-0.9
Kyle Kuzma2020LAL-0.9
Michael Frazier2020HOU-0.9
Gary Harris2020DEN-0.9
Sterling Brown2020MIL-0.9
Josh Richardson2020PHI-0.9
Gary Payton II2020WAS-0.9
Alfonzo McKinnie2020CLE-0.9
Ish Smith2020WAS-0.9
Anfernee Simons2020POR-0.9
Jerome Robinson2020TOT-0.9
Bobby Portis2020NYK-0.9
Bruce Brown2020DET-0.9
DeAndre’ Bembry2020ATL-0.9
Kris Dunn2020CHI-0.9
P.J. Hairston2016TOT-1
Lou Amundson2016NYK-1
Elton Brand2016PHI-1
Kendall Marshall2016PHI-1
Elijah Millsap2016UTA-1
Phil Pressey2016TOT-1
Jarrett Jack2016BRK-1
Jerami Grant2016PHI-1
Dion Waiters2016OKC-1
Chris McCullough2016BRK-1
Randy Foye2016TOT-1
Jordan Hamilton2016NOP-1
Iman Shumpert2016CLE-1
Jeff Green2017ORL-1
Diamond Stone2017LAC-1
Alonzo Gee2017DEN-1
Devin Booker2017PHO-1
Julius Randle2017LAL-1
T.J. McConnell2017PHI-1
J.R. Smith2017CLE-1
Sasha Vujačić2017NYK-1
Marcus Thornton2017WAS-1
Kent Bazemore2017ATL-1
Monta Ellis2017IND-1
Georges Niang2017IND-1
Caris LeVert2018BRK-1
Cameron Payne2018CHI-1
Tony Parker2018SAS-1
Georgios Papagiannis2018TOT-1
Tyrone Wallace2018LAC-1
Malachi Richardson2018TOT-1
Alan Williams2018PHO-1
Aron Baynes2018BOS-1
Vander Blue2018LAL-1
Dorian Finney-Smith2018DAL-1
Kyle Collinsworth2018DAL-1
Malik Monk2018CHO-1
Johnny O’Bryant2018CHO-1
Justise Winslow2018MIA-1
Norman Powell2018TOR-1
Tony Parker2019CHO-1
Isaiah Briscoe2019ORL-1
Andrew Harrison2019TOT-1
Bruce Brown2019DET-1
Melvin Frazier2019ORL-1
Chimezie Metu2019SAS-1
Devonte’ Graham2019CHO-1
Carmelo Anthony2019HOU-1
Wade Baldwin2019POR-1
Lorenzo Brown2019TOR-1
D’Angelo Russell2019BRK-1
Andre Ingram2019LAL-1
Quincy Acy2019PHO-1
Ángel Delgado2019LAC-1
Ricky Rubio2019UTA-1
Josh Okogie2019MIN-1
Shelvin Mack2019TOT-1
Brandon Knight2019TOT-1
Justin Wright-Foreman2020UTA-1
Ignas Brazdeikis2020NYK-1
Marial Shayok2020PHI-1
Džanan Musa2020BRK-1
Naz Reid2020MIN-1
C.J. Miles2020WAS-1
Vic Law2020ORL-1
Allen Crabbe2020TOT-1
Ty Jerome2020PHO-1
Dion Waiters2020TOT-1
Jordan McRae2020TOT-1
Frank Ntilikina2020NYK-1
Miles Bridges2020CHO-1
Thaddeus Young2020CHI-1
Nickeil Alexander-Walker2020NOP-1
D’Angelo Russell2016LAL-1.1
Dahntay Jones2016CLE-1.1
Xavier Munford2016MEM-1.1
Adreian Payne2016MIN-1.1
Rajon Rondo2016SAC-1.1
Justise Winslow2016MIA-1.1
Anthony Brown2016LAL-1.1
Monta Ellis2016IND-1.1
Ryan Kelly2016LAL-1.1
DeMarre Carroll2016TOR-1.1
Jonathan Gibson2017DAL-1.1
Kay Felder2017CLE-1.1
Jake Layman2017POR-1.1
Joakim Noah2017NYK-1.1
Elfrid Payton2017ORL-1.1
Terry Rozier2017BOS-1.1
Robin Lopez2017CHI-1.1
Justin Harper2017PHI-1.1
Reggie Jackson2017DET-1.1
Jahlil Okafor2017PHI-1.1
Donatas Motiejūnas2017NOP-1.1
Andrew Nicholson2017TOT-1.1
D’Angelo Russell2017LAL-1.1
Ron Baker2017NYK-1.1
Metta World Peace2017LAL-1.1
Tyreke Evans2017TOT-1.1
Frank Kaminsky2017CHO-1.1
Zach Collins2018POR-1.1
Marquese Chriss2018PHO-1.1
James Webb III2018BRK-1.1
Andrew White2018ATL-1.1
Caleb Swanigan2018POR-1.1
Isaiah Taylor2018ATL-1.1
Joe Johnson2018TOT-1.1
Jaylen Morris2018ATL-1.1
Kobi Simmons2018MEM-1.1
Skal Labissière2018SAC-1.1
Abdel Nader2018BOS-1.1
Jamel Artis2018ORL-1.1
Chandler Parsons2019MEM-1.1
Antonio Blakeney2019CHI-1.1
Michael Carter-Williams2019TOT-1.1
Emmanuel Mudiay2019NYK-1.1
Julian Washburn2019MEM-1.1
Cory Joseph2019IND-1.1
Ryan Anderson2019TOT-1.1
Kent Bazemore2019ATL-1.1
Kostas Antetokounmpo2019DAL-1.1
Jared Terrell2019MIN-1.1
Justise Winslow2019MIA-1.1
Avery Bradley2019TOT-1.1
Wayne Selden2019TOT-1.1
Rajon Rondo2020LAL-1.1
Lance Thomas2020BRK-1.1
De’Anthony Melton2020MEM-1.1
Jordan Bone2020DET-1.1
Kevin Hervey2020OKC-1.1
Jerian Grant2020WAS-1.1
Kent Bazemore2020TOT-1.1
Chandler Parsons2020ATL-1.1
Kenrich Williams2020NOP-1.1
Nicolas Batum2020CHO-1.1
Jordan Adams2016MEM-1.2
Devyn Marble2016ORL-1.2
Joe Young2016IND-1.2
John Wall2016WAS-1.2
Rashad Vaughn2016MIL-1.2
Metta World Peace2016LAL-1.2
Bobby Portis2016CHI-1.2
Spencer Dinwiddie2016DET-1.2
Nikola Peković2016MIN-1.2
Evan Turner2017POR-1.2
Ronnie Price2017PHO-1.2
Greivis Vásquez2017BRK-1.2
Luol Deng2017LAL-1.2
Dragan Bender2017PHO-1.2
Lance Stephenson2017TOT-1.2
Brandon Knight2017PHO-1.2
Nigel Hayes2018TOT-1.2
Lance Stephenson2018IND-1.2
Derrick Rose2018TOT-1.2
Reggie Jackson2018DET-1.2
Mario Chalmers2018MEM-1.2
Bonzie Colson2019MIL-1.2
Goran Dragić2019MIA-1.2
Isaac Bonga2019LAL-1.2
Treveon Graham2019BRK-1.2
Tony Bradley2019UTA-1.2
Trey Lyles2019DEN-1.2
DeAndre’ Bembry2019ATL-1.2
Dirk Nowitzki2019DAL-1.2
Dennis Schröder2019OKC-1.2
J.P. Macura2019CHO-1.2
Jawun Evans2019TOT-1.2
De’Anthony Melton2019PHO-1.2
Bobby Portis2019TOT-1.2
Dejounte Murray2020SAS-1.2
Brandon Knight2020TOT-1.2
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2020TOT-1.2
Tristan Thompson2020CLE-1.2
Treveon Graham2020TOT-1.2
Jarrell Brantley2020UTA-1.2
De’Andre Hunter2020ATL-1.2
Drew Gooden2016WAS-1.3
Thomas Robinson2016BRK-1.3
Jameer Nelson2016DEN-1.3
O.J. Mayo2016MIL-1.3
Tyler Ulis2017PHO-1.3
Toney Douglas2017MEM-1.3
Dwyane Wade2017CHI-1.3
Andrew Bogut2017TOT-1.3
Jusuf Nurkić2017TOT-1.3
Isaiah Taylor2017HOU-1.3
Mario Hezonja2017ORL-1.3
Anthony Brown2017TOT-1.3
Al-Farouq Aminu2017POR-1.3
Michael Carter-Williams2018CHO-1.3
Jarrett Jack2018NYK-1.3
Jusuf Nurkić2018POR-1.3
Dennis Schröder2018ATL-1.3
Marc Gasol2018MEM-1.3
Paul Zipser2018CHI-1.3
Antonio Blakeney2018CHI-1.3
Dwyane Wade2019MIA-1.3
Billy Garrett2019NYK-1.3
Caris LeVert2019BRK-1.3
Victor Oladipo2019IND-1.3
Gary Trent Jr.2019POR-1.3
Isaac Humphries2019ATL-1.3
Marquese Chriss2019TOT-1.3
Stanley Johnson2019TOT-1.3
Tim Frazier2020DET-1.3
Draymond Green2020GSW-1.3
Deonte Burton2020OKC-1.3
Andrew Wiggins2020TOT-1.3
Carmelo Anthony2020POR-1.3
Evan Turner2020ATL-1.3
Jacob Evans2020TOT-1.3
Ky Bowman2020GSW-1.3
Eric Gordon2020HOU-1.3
Markelle Fultz2020ORL-1.3
Lonzo Ball2020NOP-1.3
Aaron Gordon2020ORL-1.3
Kevin Knox2020NYK-1.3
Alex Stepheson2016TOT-1.4
Terry Rozier2016BOS-1.4
Kevin Séraphin2016NYK-1.4
Marcus Smart2016BOS-1.4
Michael Carter-Williams2016MIL-1.4
Josh Richardson2017MIA-1.4
Pierre Jackson2017DAL-1.4
Tony Allen2017MEM-1.4
Sergio Rodríguez2017PHI-1.4
Malcolm Delaney2017ATL-1.4
Trey Lyles2017UTA-1.4
Mike Tobey2017CHO-1.4
Andrew Harrison2017MEM-1.4
Domantas Sabonis2017OKC-1.4
Andre Drummond2017DET-1.4
Semaj Christon2017OKC-1.4
Damion Lee2018ATL-1.4
Dwyane Wade2018TOT-1.4
Stanley Johnson2018DET-1.4
Frank Mason III2018SAC-1.4
Tyler Ulis2018PHO-1.4
Will Barton2019DEN-1.4
Mario Hezonja2019NYK-1.4
Dairis Bertāns2019NOP-1.4
Udonis Haslem2019MIA-1.4
Ish Smith2019DET-1.4
J.R. Smith2020LAL-1.4
B.J. Johnson2020ORL-1.4
Hamidou Diallo2020OKC-1.4
Lorenzo Brown2016PHO-1.5
Jared Sullinger2016BOS-1.5
Josh Smith2016TOT-1.5
Brandon Jennings2017TOT-1.5
Patricio Garino2017ORL-1.5
Rodney Stuckey2017IND-1.5
Mike Scott2017ATL-1.5
Nikola Vučević2017ORL-1.5
Dion Waiters2017MIA-1.5
Kris Dunn2017MIN-1.5
Stanley Johnson2017DET-1.5
Lamar Patterson2017ATL-1.5
Norris Cole2017OKC-1.5
Zhou Qi2018HOU-1.5
Davon Reed2018PHO-1.5
Carmelo Anthony2018OKC-1.5
Jonathan Isaac2018ORL-1.5
Jawun Evans2018LAC-1.5
John Wall2018WAS-1.5
John Wall2019WAS-1.5
J.J. Barea2019DAL-1.5
Elfrid Payton2019NOP-1.5
J.R. Smith2019CLE-1.5
Jevon Carter2019MEM-1.5
Rajon Rondo2019LAL-1.5
Lonzo Ball2019LAL-1.5
William Howard2020HOU-1.5
Luka Šamanić2020SAS-1.5
Kevon Looney2020GSW-1.5
Dillon Brooks2020MEM-1.5
Norris Cole2016NOP-1.6
Greivis Vásquez2016MIL-1.6
Dario Šarić2017PHI-1.6
Isaiah Whitehead2017BRK-1.6
Josh McRoberts2017MIA-1.6
Ish Smith2017DET-1.6
DeAndre’ Bembry2018ATL-1.6
Emmanuel Mudiay2018TOT-1.6
Kay Felder2018TOT-1.6
Russell Westbrook2018OKC-1.6
Dejounte Murray2018SAS-1.6
Mike James2018TOT-1.6
Jonathon Simmons2019TOT-1.6
Caleb Swanigan2019TOT-1.6
Iman Shumpert2020BRK-1.6
Dewayne Dedmon2020TOT-1.6
Coby White2020CHI-1.6
Devon Hall2020OKC-1.6
Justin Anderson2020BRK-1.6
Tyrone Wallace2020ATL-1.6
Bruno Caboclo2016TOR-1.7
Alex Len2016PHO-1.7
Briante Weber2016TOT-1.7
Andre Drummond2016DET-1.7
Wade Baldwin2017MEM-1.7
Chandler Parsons2017MEM-1.7
Brandon Ingram2017LAL-1.7
Marcus Smart2017BOS-1.7
D’Angelo Russell2018BRK-1.7
Andrew Wiggins2018MIN-1.7
Yuta Watanabe2019MEM-1.7
Collin Sexton2019CLE-1.7
Rawle Alkins2019CHI-1.7
Jerryd Bayless2019MIN-1.7
Dennis Smith Jr.2019TOT-1.7
Tyreke Evans2019IND-1.7
Joe Chealey2020CHO-1.7
Marvin Bagley III2020SAC-1.7
Andre Drummond2020TOT-1.7
Cam Reddish2020ATL-1.7
Sekou Doumbouya2020DET-1.7
Russell Westbrook2020HOU-1.7
Elfrid Payton2016ORL-1.8
Markieff Morris2016TOT-1.8
Joakim Noah2016CHI-1.8
Jared Sullinger2017TOR-1.8
Chinanu Onuaku2018HOU-1.8
Solomon Hill2018NOP-1.8
Frank Ntilikina2018NYK-1.8
Zach LaVine2018CHI-1.8
Avery Bradley2018TOT-1.8
Julius Randle2020NYK-1.8
Tremont Waters2020BOS-1.8
Caris LeVert2020BRK-1.8
Julius Randle2016LAL-1.9
Orlando Johnson2016TOT-1.9
Gary Payton II2017MIL-1.9
Gary Neal2017ATL-1.9
Rajon Rondo2017CHI-1.9
Zach Randolph2017MEM-1.9
Rodney Purvis2018ORL-1.9
Josh Jackson2019PHO-1.9
Walt Lemon Jr.2019CHI-1.9
Jemerrio Jones2019LAL-1.9
Darius Garland2020CLE-1.9
Taurean Prince2020BRK-1.9
Stanley Johnson2016DET-2
Cameron Payne2017TOT-2
Isaiah Thomas2018TOT-2
Milton Doyle2018BRK-2
Marcus Smart2018BOS-2
Andre Roberson2020OKC-2
Jarrett Culver2020MIN-2
Victor Oladipo2020IND-2
Gabe Vincent2020MIA-2
Theo Pinson2020BRK-2
Elfrid Payton2020NYK-2
Derrick Rose2016CHI-2.1
Kobe Bryant*2016LAL-2.1
Ish Smith2016TOT-2.1
Michael Carter-Williams2017CHI-2.1
Manny Harris2017DAL-2.1
Kris Dunn2018CHI-2.1
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2019BRK-2.1
Kris Dunn2019CHI-2.1
Markelle Fultz2019PHI-2.1
Frank Ntilikina2019NYK-2.1
Al-Farouq Aminu2020ORL-2.1
Jusuf Nurkić2016DEN-2.2
Emmanuel Mudiay2017DEN-2.2
De’Aaron Fox2018SAC-2.2
Josh Jackson2018PHO-2.2
Dion Waiters2018MIA-2.3
Isaiah Thomas2019DEN-2.3
Jordan Poole2020GSW-2.3
Dwayne Bacon2020CHO-2.3
Elijah Millsap2017PHO-2.4
Aaron Harrison2018DAL-2.4
Andrew Wiggins2019MIN-2.4
Russell Westbrook2019OKC-2.5
Lonzo Ball2018LAL-2.6
Kevin Knox2019NYK-2.6
Jimmer Fredette2019PHO-2.6
Dennis Smith Jr.2020NYK-2.6
RJ Barrett2020NYK-2.6
Dusty Hannahs2019MEM-2.7
Blake Griffin2020DET-2.8
Jerryd Bayless2017PHI-2.9
Markelle Fultz2018PHI-2.9
Aaron Jackson2018HOU-2.9
Dennis Smith Jr.2018DAL-2.9
Justise Winslow2020MIA-3.1
Duje Dukan2016SAC-3.2
Marquis Teague2018MEM-3.4
Josh Gray2018PHO-3.4
Emmanuel Mudiay2016DEN-3.5
Tony Wroten2016PHI-3.6
Justise Winslow2017MIA-4.3
Xavier Rathan-Mayes2018MEM-4.3

Curry’s second MVP campaign was an outlier among outliers, with a z-score of 7.2 standard deviations above league-average over the five-year sample. The data was approximately normal, but with a steep curve (standard deviation of 0.9), so the abnormal z-score isn’t simply anomalous; it was a season for the ages! 99.7% of seasons clocked in between scores of -2.9 and 2.5, so the scores that grace the front page of the table represent the cream of the crop of player seasons. Interestingly, James Harden’s 2019 season finishes eleventh as his second-best scoring season despite posting the highest scoring rate in league history. This exemplifies the importance of efficiency to the metric; because after all, a shot missed is of equal magnitude to a shot made. The traditional criteria for comparing volume against average efficiency is likely undervaluing the effects of missed field goals.

How is Scorer Rating different from Scoring Value? Well, Curry’s 2016 score of 6.4 points is nearly double that of his 3.3 points in ScoreVal, so the aesthetic disparity is clear enough. But, conceptually, what sets these two metrics apart? ScoreVal is actually drawn from the scoring component of a Box Plus/Minus model, so the metric is derived from a regression model. Scorer Rating was created as a standalone metric based on theory and expected values, separate from how different scoring statistics relate to a player’s impact. Comparatively, the player rankings of the two metrics are quite similar, but there’s an inherent disagreement on point values. While ScoreVal’s formula is proprietary, Scorer Rating uses a universal counting principle. For example, if Stephen Curry had 23.8 scoring possessions per 100 team possessions and averaged 0.267 points per possessions relative to league-average, then his raw score is the product of those two. ScoreVal seems to use efficiency in a percentage like true shooting. If a player averages 1.2 points per true-shooting attempt, his TS% is 60%. 

We can look at how the importance of volume and efficiency has changed over the past five years. During the 2015-16 season, volume had a surprisingly low relationship with Scorer Rating, posting a correlation coefficient of 0.43 while TS% was moderately stronger: 0.58. At the player level, the gap between the two scores is enough to suggest efficiency was more important in that season, but we can continue with further seasons to track any notable changes. Volume held slightly-more significance in 2017 with an r-value of 0.49 while efficiency was almost identical to its 2016 value: 0.59. The gap does lessen, but the trend holds: efficiency is, at least, just as important. (Fun fact: Russell Westbrook led the league in scoring rate that season at 33.6 points per 75, but posted a Scorer Rating of just 0.3 points because of mild efficiency.)

Stephen Curry’s league-leading efficiency and volume made him the most valuable scorer of the second-half of the decade.

Neither efficiency nor volume alone was very indicative of a player’s scoring value in 2018. The efficiency coefficient fell to 0.44 while its volume counterpart also dropped to 0.31. The season may not have been full of descriptive power, but let’s not gloss over the fact that Stephen Curry was a James Harden away from leading the league in scoring rate and efficiency once again! Efficiency again seems to be losing value from its previous seasons as its relationship with Scorer Rating falls just under 0.5 at 0.48 and volume takes a rise to 0.38. The clear message with these four seasons is that importance fluctuates from year-to-year, but a strong assertion holds: efficiency is drastically undervalued in evaluating scoring. The nail in the coffin was this last season, in which volume had a typical correlation of 0.41 while efficiency skyrockets to 0.6! A lesson is taught by Scorer Rating: the tendency to neglect efficiency for high volume is a blur to a player’s true value as a scorer.

The other route to go about comparing efficiency and volume is conceptual. How else can we interpret the results of Scorer Rating’s relationships with volume and efficiency? For one, it confirms a belief I’d held since the Harden debacle in the prospect of his trade to the Miami Heat. High-volume scoring doesn’t easily evolve on greater and greater offenses. A diminishing returns effect kicks in quite fast on these less-scalable traits. Unless that scorer is a Harden-like player, who eats into teammates’ possessions, his scoring rate will see a notable decrease. Therefore, volume scoring is more of a floor-raising skill. It’s most valuable on teams with poor to mediocre offenses and good to great defenses, in need of that scoring boost to truly take off. Efficiency, on the other hand, is the ceiling-raising technique. Given the relatively small range of scoring attempts among teams, being able to capitalize through efficiency is a safer bet to post a highly-efficient offense.

Allen Iverson: a perfect example of a high-volume, floor-raising scorer.

There’s one last thing to consider when it comes to a player’s scoring value: it’s not the same as his scoring abilities. A second diminishing returns effect we haven’t yet discussed relates to a player’s efficiency and shot frequency: more attempts equals lower efficiency. This is a traditionally-accepted concept that explains why all 100% shooters usually take three total shots or less. A player like Duncan Robinson may not be able to replicate his 64.3 scoring percentage on more than his actual 11 attempts per game, but in terms of how his scoring impacted the scoreboard, he’s among the top of the league. It’s entirely valid to assign a higher value to volume when choosing the league’s most talented scorers, but it’d be unwise to forget about efficiency in any scenario…

… and, Stephen Curry’s 2016 was the greatest season for a scorer in NBA history.

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